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qpid::client::Message Class Reference

A message sent to or received from the broker. More...

#include <qpid/client/Message.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Message (const std::string &data=std::string(), const std::string &routingKey=std::string())
 Create a Message.
 Message (MessageImpl *)
 Message (const Message &)
 ~Message ()
Messageoperator= (const Message &)
void swap (Message &)
void setData (const std::string &)
const std::string & getData () const
std::string & getData ()
void appendData (const std::string &)
bool hasMessageProperties () const
framing::MessagePropertiesgetMessageProperties ()
const framing::MessagePropertiesgetMessageProperties () const
bool hasDeliveryProperties () const
framing::DeliveryPropertiesgetDeliveryProperties ()
const framing::DeliveryPropertiesgetDeliveryProperties () const
std::string getDestination () const
 The destination of messages sent to the broker is the exchange name.
bool isRedelivered () const
 Check the redelivered flag.
void setRedelivered (bool redelivered)
 Set the redelivered flag.
framing::FieldTablegetHeaders ()
 Get a modifyable reference to the message headers.
const framing::FieldTablegetHeaders () const
 Get a non-modifyable reference to the message headers.
const framing::SequenceNumbergetId () const

Detailed Description

A message sent to or received from the broker.

Getting and setting message contents

Getting and Setting Delivery Properties

Getting and Setting Message Properties

Getting and Setting Application Headers

Definition at line 115 of file Message.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qpid::client::Message::Message ( const std::string &  data = std::string(),
const std::string &  routingKey = std::string() 

Create a Message.

dataData for the message body.
routingKeyPassed to the exchange that routes the message.
qpid::client::Message::Message ( MessageImpl *  )
qpid::client::Message::Message ( const Message )
qpid::client::Message::~Message ( )

Member Function Documentation

void qpid::client::Message::appendData ( const std::string &  )
std::string& qpid::client::Message::getData ( )
const std::string& qpid::client::Message::getData ( ) const
framing::DeliveryProperties& qpid::client::Message::getDeliveryProperties ( )
const framing::DeliveryProperties& qpid::client::Message::getDeliveryProperties ( ) const
std::string qpid::client::Message::getDestination ( ) const

The destination of messages sent to the broker is the exchange name.

The destination of messages received from the broker is the delivery tag identifyig the local subscription (often this is the name of the subscribed queue.)

framing::FieldTable& qpid::client::Message::getHeaders ( )

Get a modifyable reference to the message headers.

const framing::FieldTable& qpid::client::Message::getHeaders ( ) const

Get a non-modifyable reference to the message headers.

const framing::SequenceNumber& qpid::client::Message::getId ( ) const
const framing::MessageProperties& qpid::client::Message::getMessageProperties ( ) const
framing::MessageProperties& qpid::client::Message::getMessageProperties ( )
bool qpid::client::Message::hasDeliveryProperties ( ) const
bool qpid::client::Message::hasMessageProperties ( ) const
bool qpid::client::Message::isRedelivered ( ) const

Check the redelivered flag.

Message& qpid::client::Message::operator= ( const Message )
void qpid::client::Message::setData ( const std::string &  )
void qpid::client::Message::setRedelivered ( bool  redelivered)

Set the redelivered flag.

void qpid::client::Message::swap ( Message )

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