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qpid::management::ObjectId Class Reference

#include <qpid/management/ManagementObject.h>

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Public Member Functions

QPID_COMMON_INLINE_EXTERN ObjectId (const types::Variant &map)
 ObjectId (uint8_t flags, uint16_t seq, uint32_t broker)
 ObjectId (AgentAttachment *_agent, uint8_t flags, uint16_t seq)
 ObjectId (std::istream &)
 ObjectId (const std::string &)
QPID_COMMON_INLINE_EXTERN ObjectId (const std::string &agentAddress, const std::string &key, uint64_t epoch=0)
 ObjectId (uint8_t flags, uint16_t seq, uint32_t broker, uint64_t object)
bool operator== (const ObjectId &other) const
bool operator< (const ObjectId &other) const
void mapEncode (types::Variant::Map &map) const
void mapDecode (const types::Variant::Map &map)
 operator types::Variant::Map () const
QPID_COMMON_INLINE_EXTERN uint32_t encodedSize () const
void encode (std::string &buffer) const
void decode (const std::string &buffer)
bool equalV1 (const ObjectId &other) const
QPID_COMMON_INLINE_EXTERN void setV2Key (const std::string &_key)
void setV2Key (const ManagementObject &object)
QPID_COMMON_INLINE_EXTERN void setAgentName (const std::string &_name)
const std::string & 
getAgentName () const
const std::string & 
getV2Key () const

Protected Member Functions

void fromString (const std::string &)

Protected Attributes

const AgentAttachmentagent
uint64_t first
uint64_t second
uint64_t agentEpoch
std::string v2Key
std::string agentName


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &, const ObjectId &)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 51 of file ManagementObject.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QPID_COMMON_INLINE_EXTERN qpid::management::ObjectId::ObjectId ( ) [inline]

Definition at line 61 of file ManagementObject.h.

QPID_COMMON_INLINE_EXTERN qpid::management::ObjectId::ObjectId ( const types::Variant map) [inline]

Definition at line 62 of file ManagementObject.h.

References qpid::types::Variant::asMap(), and mapDecode().

qpid::management::ObjectId::ObjectId ( uint8_t  flags,
uint16_t  seq,
uint32_t  broker 
qpid::management::ObjectId::ObjectId ( AgentAttachment _agent,
uint8_t  flags,
uint16_t  seq 
qpid::management::ObjectId::ObjectId ( std::istream &  )
qpid::management::ObjectId::ObjectId ( const std::string &  )
QPID_COMMON_INLINE_EXTERN qpid::management::ObjectId::ObjectId ( const std::string &  agentAddress,
const std::string &  key,
uint64_t  epoch = 0 
) [inline]

Definition at line 68 of file ManagementObject.h.

qpid::management::ObjectId::ObjectId ( uint8_t  flags,
uint16_t  seq,
uint32_t  broker,
uint64_t  object 

Member Function Documentation

void qpid::management::ObjectId::decode ( const std::string &  buffer)
void qpid::management::ObjectId::encode ( std::string &  buffer) const
QPID_COMMON_INLINE_EXTERN uint32_t qpid::management::ObjectId::encodedSize ( ) const [inline]

Definition at line 79 of file ManagementObject.h.

bool qpid::management::ObjectId::equalV1 ( const ObjectId other) const
void qpid::management::ObjectId::fromString ( const std::string &  ) [protected]
QPID_COMMON_INLINE_EXTERN const std::string& qpid::management::ObjectId::getAgentName ( ) const [inline]

Definition at line 86 of file ManagementObject.h.

References agentName.

QPID_COMMON_INLINE_EXTERN const std::string& qpid::management::ObjectId::getV2Key ( ) const [inline]

Definition at line 87 of file ManagementObject.h.

References v2Key.

void qpid::management::ObjectId::mapDecode ( const types::Variant::Map map)

Referenced by ObjectId().

void qpid::management::ObjectId::mapEncode ( types::Variant::Map map) const
qpid::management::ObjectId::operator types::Variant::Map ( ) const
bool qpid::management::ObjectId::operator< ( const ObjectId other) const
bool qpid::management::ObjectId::operator== ( const ObjectId other) const
QPID_COMMON_INLINE_EXTERN void qpid::management::ObjectId::setAgentName ( const std::string &  _name) [inline]

Definition at line 85 of file ManagementObject.h.

References agentName.

QPID_COMMON_INLINE_EXTERN void qpid::management::ObjectId::setV2Key ( const std::string &  _key) [inline]

Definition at line 83 of file ManagementObject.h.

References v2Key.

void qpid::management::ObjectId::setV2Key ( const ManagementObject object)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  ,
const ObjectId  
) [friend]

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 53 of file ManagementObject.h.

Definition at line 56 of file ManagementObject.h.

std::string qpid::management::ObjectId::agentName [protected]

Definition at line 58 of file ManagementObject.h.

Referenced by getAgentName(), and setAgentName().

uint64_t qpid::management::ObjectId::first [protected]

Definition at line 54 of file ManagementObject.h.

uint64_t qpid::management::ObjectId::second [protected]

Definition at line 55 of file ManagementObject.h.

std::string qpid::management::ObjectId::v2Key [protected]

Definition at line 57 of file ManagementObject.h.

Referenced by getV2Key(), and setV2Key().

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