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qpid::Options Struct Reference

Base class for options. More...

#include <qpid/Options.h>

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struct  Exception

Public Member Functions

 Options (const std::string &name=std::string())
void parse (int argc, char const *const *argv, const std::string &configfile=std::string(), bool allowUnknown=false)
 Parses options from argc/argv, environment variables and config file.
boost::program_options::options_description_easy_init addOptions ()

Detailed Description

Base class for options.

Example of use:

 struct MySubOptions : public Options {
   int x;
   string y;
   MySubOptions() : Options("Sub options") {
     ("x", optValue(x,"XUNIT"), "Option X")
     ("y", optValue(y, "YUNIT"), "Option Y");

 struct MyOptions : public Options {
   bool z;
   vector<string> foo;
   MySubOptions subOptions;
   MyOptions() : Options("My Options") {
      ("z", boolSwitch(z), "Option Z")
      ("foo", optValue(foo), "Multiple option foo");

 main(int argc, char** argv) {
   Options opts;
   opts.parse(argc, char** argv);
   // Use values
   if (error)
     cout << opts << end;       // Help message.

Definition at line 136 of file Options.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qpid::Options::Options ( const std::string &  name = std::string())

Member Function Documentation

boost::program_options::options_description_easy_init qpid::Options::addOptions ( ) [inline]

Definition at line 154 of file Options.h.

void qpid::Options::parse ( int  argc,
char const *const *  argv,
const std::string &  configfile = std::string(),
bool  allowUnknown = false 

Parses options from argc/argv, environment variables and config file.

Note the filename argument can reference an options variable that is updated by argc/argv or environment variable parsing.

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