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Public Member Functions
qmf::engine::SchemaObjectClass Class Reference

#include <qmf/engine/Schema.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SchemaObjectClass (const char *package, const char *name)
 SchemaObjectClass (const SchemaObjectClass &from)
 ~SchemaObjectClass ()
void addProperty (const SchemaProperty *property)
void addStatistic (const SchemaStatistic *statistic)
void addMethod (const SchemaMethod *method)
const SchemaClassKeygetClassKey () const
int getPropertyCount () const
int getStatisticCount () const
int getMethodCount () const
const SchemaPropertygetProperty (int idx) const
const SchemaStatisticgetStatistic (int idx) const
const SchemaMethodgetMethod (int idx) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 161 of file Schema.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qmf::engine::SchemaObjectClass::SchemaObjectClass ( const char *  package,
const char *  name 
qmf::engine::SchemaObjectClass::SchemaObjectClass ( const SchemaObjectClass from)
qmf::engine::SchemaObjectClass::~SchemaObjectClass ( )

Member Function Documentation

void qmf::engine::SchemaObjectClass::addMethod ( const SchemaMethod method)
void qmf::engine::SchemaObjectClass::addProperty ( const SchemaProperty property)
void qmf::engine::SchemaObjectClass::addStatistic ( const SchemaStatistic statistic)
const SchemaClassKey* qmf::engine::SchemaObjectClass::getClassKey ( ) const
const SchemaMethod* qmf::engine::SchemaObjectClass::getMethod ( int  idx) const
int qmf::engine::SchemaObjectClass::getMethodCount ( ) const
const SchemaProperty* qmf::engine::SchemaObjectClass::getProperty ( int  idx) const
int qmf::engine::SchemaObjectClass::getPropertyCount ( ) const
const SchemaStatistic* qmf::engine::SchemaObjectClass::getStatistic ( int  idx) const
int qmf::engine::SchemaObjectClass::getStatisticCount ( ) const

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