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qpid/sys/SystemInfo.h File Reference
#include "qpid/sys/IntegerTypes.h"
#include "qpid/Address.h"
#include "qpid/CommonImportExport.h"
#include <vector>

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namespace  qpid

This file was automatically generated from the AMQP specification.

namespace  qpid::sys
namespace  qpid::sys::SystemInfo

Retrieve information about the system we are running on.


long qpid::sys::SystemInfo::concurrency ()
 Estimate available concurrency, e.g.
bool qpid::sys::SystemInfo::getLocalHostname (Address &address)
 Get the local host name and set it in the specified.
void qpid::sys::SystemInfo::getLocalIpAddresses (uint16_t port, std::vector< Address > &addrList)
void qpid::sys::SystemInfo::getSystemId (std::string &osName, std::string &nodeName, std::string &release, std::string &version, std::string &machine)
 Retrieve system identifiers and versions.
uint32_t qpid::sys::SystemInfo::getProcessId ()
 Get the process ID of the current process.
uint32_t qpid::sys::SystemInfo::getParentProcessId ()
 Get the process ID of the parent of the current process.
std::string qpid::sys::SystemInfo::getProcessName ()
 Get the name of the current process (i.e.

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