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qpid::management Namespace Reference


class  Notifyable
class  ManagementAgent
class  Args
class  ArgsNone
struct  OutOfBounds
class  Buffer
 This class is a wrapper around qpid::framing::Buffer that does not include any dependencies from boost or from qpid::framing. More...
struct  ConnectionSettings
 Settings for a Connection. More...
class  Manageable
class  ManagementEvent
class  AgentAttachment
class  ObjectId
class  ManagementItem
class  ManagementObject
class  ScopedLockTemplate
 Scoped lock template: calls lock() in ctor, unlock() in dtor. More...
class  ScopedUnlockTemplate
class  Mutex


typedef std::map< ObjectId,
ManagementObject * > 
typedef std::vector
< ManagementObject * > 

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Definition at line 230 of file ManagementObject.h.

Definition at line 231 of file ManagementObject.h.

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