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AMQP Messenger

AMQP Messenger offers a simple but powerful programming model. Connection management happens under the covers, leaving you to focus on your application.

The AMQP Messenger API is part of the Qpid Proton toolkit for making any application speak AMQP.

LanguagesC, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby
PlatformsLinux, OS X, JVM
AMQP versions1.0
Downloadqpid-proton-0.9.tar.gz [ASC, MD5, SHA]
Source location


  • Point-to-point and brokered messaging
  • C-based and pure-Java implementations
  • Secure connection via SSL
  • Seamless disconnected operation
  • Converts AMQP data types to language-native types


This is the documentation for the current released version. You can find previous versions with our past releases.


For more information about finding and reporting bugs, see Qpid issues.