Chapter 1. General User Guides

1.1.  Java Broker Feature Guide

1.1.1.  The Qpid pure Java broker currently supports the following features:

  • All features required by the Sun JMS 1.1 specification, fully tested

  • Transaction support

  • Persistence using a pluggable layer

  • Pluggable security using SASL

  • Management using JMX and an Eclipse Management Console application

  • High performance header-based routing for messages

  • Message Priorities

  • Configurable logging and log archiving

  • Threshold alerting

  • ACLs

  • Extensively tested on each release, including performance & reliability testing

  • Automatic client failover using configurable connection properties

  • Durable Queues/Subscriptions  Upcoming features:

  • Flow To Disk

  • IP Whitelist

  • AMQP 0-10 Support (for interoperability)