Qpid Management Framework  0.22
qmf::Schema Member List
This is the complete list of members for qmf::Schema, including all inherited members.
addMethod(const SchemaMethod &)qmf::Schema
addProperty(const SchemaProperty &)qmf::Schema
getDefaultSeverity() const qmf::Schema
getDesc() const qmf::Schema
getMethod(uint32_t) const qmf::Schema
getMethodCount() const qmf::Schema
getProperty(uint32_t) const qmf::Schema
getPropertyCount() const qmf::Schema
getSchemaId() const qmf::Schema
Handle()qmf::Handle< SchemaImpl > [inline, protected]
Handle(const Handle &)qmf::Handle< SchemaImpl > [protected]
Impl typedefqmf::Handle< SchemaImpl > [protected]
implqmf::Handle< SchemaImpl > [protected]
isFinalized() const qmf::Schema
isNull() const qmf::Handle< SchemaImpl > [inline]
isValid() const qmf::Handle< SchemaImpl > [inline]
operator bool() const qmf::Handle< SchemaImpl > [inline]
operator!() const qmf::Handle< SchemaImpl > [inline]
operator=(const Schema &)qmf::Schema
Handle< SchemaImpl >::operator=(const Handle &)qmf::Handle< SchemaImpl > [protected]
PrivateImplRef< T > classqmf::Handle< SchemaImpl > [friend]
qmf::PrivateImplRef< Schema > classqmf::Schema [friend]
Schema(SchemaImpl *impl=0)qmf::Schema
Schema(const Schema &)qmf::Schema
Schema(int, const std::string &, const std::string &)qmf::Schema
SchemaImplAccessqmf::Schema [friend]
setDesc(const std::string &)qmf::Schema
swap(Handle< T > &h)qmf::Handle< SchemaImpl > [inline]