Qpid Management Framework  0.22
qmf::Subscription Class Reference

#include <Subscription.h>

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Public Member Functions

QMF_EXTERN Subscription (SubscriptionImpl *impl=0)
QMF_EXTERN Subscription (const Subscription &)
QMF_EXTERN Subscriptionoperator= (const Subscription &)
QMF_EXTERN ~Subscription ()
QMF_EXTERN void cancel ()
QMF_EXTERN bool isActive () const
QMF_EXTERN void lock ()
QMF_EXTERN void unlock ()
QMF_EXTERN uint32_t getDataCount () const
QMF_EXTERN Data getData (uint32_t) const


class qmf::PrivateImplRef< Subscription >
struct SubscriptionImplAccess

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QMF_EXTERN qmf::Subscription::Subscription ( SubscriptionImpl *  impl = 0)
QMF_EXTERN qmf::Subscription::Subscription ( const Subscription )
QMF_EXTERN qmf::Subscription::~Subscription ( )

Member Function Documentation

QMF_EXTERN void qmf::Subscription::cancel ( )

Construction: A subscription is created by calling ConsoleSession::subscribe. Cancel subscriptions to all subscribed agents. After this is called, the subscription shall be inactive.

QMF_EXTERN Data qmf::Subscription::getData ( uint32_t  ) const
QMF_EXTERN uint32_t qmf::Subscription::getDataCount ( ) const
QMF_EXTERN bool qmf::Subscription::isActive ( ) const

Check to see if this subscription is active. It is active if it has a live subscription on at least one agent. If it is not active, there is nothing that can be done to make it active, it can only be deleted.

QMF_EXTERN void qmf::Subscription::lock ( )

lock and unlock should be used to bracket a traversal of the data set. After lock is called, the subscription will not change its set of available data objects. Between calls to getDataCount and getData, no data objects will be added or removed. After unlock is called, the set of data will catch up to any activity that occurred while the lock was in effect.

QMF_EXTERN Subscription& qmf::Subscription::operator= ( const Subscription )
QMF_EXTERN void qmf::Subscription::unlock ( )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class qmf::PrivateImplRef< Subscription > [friend]
friend struct SubscriptionImplAccess [friend]

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