Qpid Management Framework  0.24
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qmf::engine::ConnectionSettings Class Reference

#include <ConnectionSettings.h>

Public Member Functions

QMFE_EXTERN ConnectionSettings ()
QMFE_EXTERN ConnectionSettings (const char *url)
 ConnectionSettings (const ConnectionSettings &from)
QMFE_EXTERN ~ConnectionSettings ()
QMFE_EXTERN bool setAttr (const char *key, const Value &value)
QMFE_EXTERN Value getAttr (const char *key) const
QMFE_EXTERN const char * getAttrString () const
QMFE_EXTERN void transportTcp (uint16_t port=5672)
QMFE_EXTERN void transportSsl (uint16_t port=5671)
QMFE_EXTERN void transportRdma (uint16_t port=5672)
QMFE_EXTERN void authAnonymous (const char *username=0)
QMFE_EXTERN void authPlain (const char *username=0, const char *password=0)
QMFE_EXTERN void authGssapi (const char *serviceName, uint32_t minSsf=0, uint32_t maxSsf=256)
QMFE_EXTERN void setRetry (int delayMin=1, int delayMax=128, int delayFactor=2)


class ResilientConnectionImpl

Detailed Description

Settings for AMQP connections to the broker.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QMFE_EXTERN qmf::engine::ConnectionSettings::ConnectionSettings ( )

Create a set of default connection settings.

If no further attributes are set, the settings will cause a connection to be made to the default broker (on localhost or at a host/port supplied by service discovery) and authentication will be the best-available (GSSAPI/Kerberos, Anonymous, Plain with prompts for username and password).

QMFE_EXTERN qmf::engine::ConnectionSettings::ConnectionSettings ( const char *  url)

Create a set of connection settings by URL.

urlUniversal resource locator describing the broker address and additional attributes.

The URL is of the form: amqp[s]://host[:port][?key=value[&key=value]*]

For example: amqp://localhost amqp://broker?transport=rdma&authmech=GSSAPI&authservice=qpidd amqps://broker?authmech=PLAIN&authuser=guest&authpass=guest

qmf::engine::ConnectionSettings::ConnectionSettings ( const ConnectionSettings from)

Copy Constructor.

QMFE_EXTERN qmf::engine::ConnectionSettings::~ConnectionSettings ( )

Destroy the connection settings object.

Member Function Documentation

QMFE_EXTERN void qmf::engine::ConnectionSettings::authAnonymous ( const char *  username = 0)

Shortcuts for setting authentication mechanisms.

usernameNull-terminated authentication user name.
passwordNull-terminated authentication password.
serviceNameNull-terminated GSSAPI service name (Kerberos service principal)
minSsfMinimum security factor for connections. 0 = encryption not required.
maxSsfMaximum security factor for connections. 0 = encryption not permitted.
QMFE_EXTERN void qmf::engine::ConnectionSettings::authGssapi ( const char *  serviceName,
uint32_t  minSsf = 0,
uint32_t  maxSsf = 256 
QMFE_EXTERN void qmf::engine::ConnectionSettings::authPlain ( const char *  username = 0,
const char *  password = 0 
QMFE_EXTERN Value qmf::engine::ConnectionSettings::getAttr ( const char *  key) const

Get the value of an attribute.

keyA null-terminated attribute name.
The value associated with the attribute name.
QMFE_EXTERN const char* qmf::engine::ConnectionSettings::getAttrString ( ) const

Get the attribute string (the portion of the URL following the '?') for the settings.

A pointer to the attribute string. If the content of this string needs to be available beyond the scope of the calling function, it should be copied. The returned pointer may become invalid if the set of attributes is changed.
QMFE_EXTERN bool qmf::engine::ConnectionSettings::setAttr ( const char *  key,
const Value value 

Set an attribute to control connection setup.

keyA null-terminated string that is an attribute name.
valueReference to a value to be stored as the attribute. The type of the value is specific to the key.
True if success, False if invalid attribute
QMFE_EXTERN void qmf::engine::ConnectionSettings::setRetry ( int  delayMin = 1,
int  delayMax = 128,
int  delayFactor = 2 

Shortcut for setting connection retry attributes.

delayMinMinimum delay (in seconds) between connection attempts.
delaxMaxMaximum delay (in seconds) between connection attempts.
delayFactorFactor to multiply the delay by between failed connection attempts.
QMFE_EXTERN void qmf::engine::ConnectionSettings::transportRdma ( uint16_t  port = 5672)
QMFE_EXTERN void qmf::engine::ConnectionSettings::transportSsl ( uint16_t  port = 5671)
QMFE_EXTERN void qmf::engine::ConnectionSettings::transportTcp ( uint16_t  port = 5672)

Shortcuts for setting the transport for the connection.

portThe port value for the connection address.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ResilientConnectionImpl

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