Qpid Management Framework  0.24
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qmf::engine::Console Class Reference

#include <Console.h>

Public Member Functions

 Console (const ConsoleSettings &settings=ConsoleSettings())
 ~Console ()
bool getEvent (ConsoleEvent &event) const
void popEvent ()
void addConnection (BrokerProxy &broker, void *context)
void delConnection (BrokerProxy &broker)
uint32_t packageCount () const
const char * getPackageName (uint32_t idx) const
uint32_t classCount (const char *packageName) const
const SchemaClassKeygetClass (const char *packageName, uint32_t idx) const
ClassKind getClassKind (const SchemaClassKey *key) const
const SchemaObjectClassgetObjectClass (const SchemaClassKey *key) const
const SchemaEventClassgetEventClass (const SchemaClassKey *key) const
void bindPackage (const char *packageName)
void bindClass (const SchemaClassKey *key)
void bindClass (const char *packageName, const char *className)
void bindEvent (const SchemaClassKey *key)
void bindEvent (const char *packageName, const char *eventName)


class BrokerProxyImpl
struct AgentProxyImpl
struct StaticContext

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

qmf::engine::Console::Console ( const ConsoleSettings settings = ConsoleSettings())
qmf::engine::Console::~Console ( )

Member Function Documentation

void qmf::engine::Console::addConnection ( BrokerProxy broker,
void *  context 
void qmf::engine::Console::bindClass ( const SchemaClassKey key)
void qmf::engine::Console::bindClass ( const char *  packageName,
const char *  className 
void qmf::engine::Console::bindEvent ( const SchemaClassKey key)
void qmf::engine::Console::bindEvent ( const char *  packageName,
const char *  eventName 
void qmf::engine::Console::bindPackage ( const char *  packageName)
uint32_t qmf::engine::Console::classCount ( const char *  packageName) const
void qmf::engine::Console::delConnection ( BrokerProxy broker)
const SchemaClassKey* qmf::engine::Console::getClass ( const char *  packageName,
uint32_t  idx 
) const
ClassKind qmf::engine::Console::getClassKind ( const SchemaClassKey key) const
bool qmf::engine::Console::getEvent ( ConsoleEvent event) const
const SchemaEventClass* qmf::engine::Console::getEventClass ( const SchemaClassKey key) const
const SchemaObjectClass* qmf::engine::Console::getObjectClass ( const SchemaClassKey key) const
const char* qmf::engine::Console::getPackageName ( uint32_t  idx) const
uint32_t qmf::engine::Console::packageCount ( ) const
void qmf::engine::Console::popEvent ( )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend struct AgentProxyImpl
friend class BrokerProxyImpl
friend struct StaticContext

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