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5.3. JMX Management

5.3.1. Introduction

The brokers JMX Management Plugin provides the support for creating JMX MBeans for broker objects such as Queues, Exchanges, Connections etc.

It is included into the brokers Initial Configuration by default, and is responsible for servicing the RMI and JMX_RMI ports configured on the broker, with the former serving as the RMI Registry used to advertise the actual JMX Connector Server started on the latter.

5.3.2. JMX Management Plugin Configuration

The JMX Management Plugin can be configured through the Web Management Console and underlying REST management interface. By double-clicking on the JMX Management Plugin name in the object tree a tab for the plugin is displayed with its current settings, which can be changed by clicking on the "Edit" button. The following attributes can be set on the JMX Management Plugin:

  • Use Platform MBean Server. The JMX Management Plugin can start its own MBean Server or it can use the JVMs 'Platform MBean Server'. By default this is true, and the Platform MBean Server is used.

NOTE: Changes to the "Use Platform MBean Server" attribute only take effect at broker restart.