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3.5. Using the command line

The Java Broker understands a number of command line options which may be used to customise the configuration.

For additional details about the broker configuration and related command line arguments see Section 5.1, “Broker Configuration Store”. The broker is fully configurable via its Web Management Console, for details of this see Section 5.2.2, “Web Management Console”.

To see usage information for all command line options, use the --help option

bin/qpid-server --help
usage: Qpid [-cic <path>] [-h] [-icp <path>] [-l <file>] [-mm] [-mmhttp <port>]
            [-mmjmx <port>] [-mmpass <password>] [-mmqv] [-mmrmi <port>] [-os]
            [-sp <path>] [-st <type>] [-v] [-w <period>]
 -cic <path>                                    Create a copy of the initial config
 --create-initial-config <path>                 file, either to an optionally specified
                                                file path, or as initial-config.json
                                                in the current directory

 -h,                                            Print this message

 -icp  <path>                                   Set the location of initial JSON config
 --initial-config-path <path>                   to use when creating/overwriting a
                                                broker configuration store

 -l <file>                                      Use the specified log4j xml configuration
 --logconfig <file>                             file. By default looks for a file named
                                                etc/log4j.xml in the same directory as
                                                the configuration file

 -mm                                            Start broker in management mode,
 --management-mode                              disabling the AMQP ports

 -mmhttp <port>                                 Override http management port in
 --management-mode-http-port <port>             management mode

 -mmjmx                                         Override jmx connector port in
 --management-mode-jmx-connector-port <port>    management mode

 -mmpass  <password>                            Set the password for the management
 --management-mode-password <password>          mode user mm_admin

 -mmqv                                          Make virtualhosts stay in the quiesced
 --management-mode-quiesce-virtualhosts         state during management mode.

 -mmrmi <port>                                  Override jmx rmi registry port in
 --management-mode-rmi-registry-port <port>     management mode

 -os                                            Overwrite the broker configuration store
 --overwrite-store                              with the current initial configuration

 -prop "<name=value>"                           Set a configuration property to use when
 --config-property "<name=value>"               resolving variables in the broker
                                                configuration store, with format

 -sp <path>                                     Use given configuration store location
 --store-path <path>

 -st <type>                                     Use given broker configuration store type
 --store-type <type>

 -v                                             Print the version information and exit

 -w <period>                                    Monitor the log file configuration file
 --logwatch <period>                            for changes. Units are seconds. Zero
                                                means do not check for changes.