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10.4. BDB Message Store

The Java broker has an optional message store implementation backed by Oracle BDB JE. This section will detail where to download the optional dependency from, how to add it to the broker installation, and provide an example configuration for using the BDBMessageStore.

The BDBMessageStore can be selected on Virtual Host creation via REST Management interfaces and Web Management Console. For details, see Chapter 7, Virtual Hosts.

Alternatively, the BDBMessageStore can configured in Virtual Host configuration xml. For details, see Section 14.4, “Configuring BDBMessageStore”.

10.4.1. Oracle BDB JE download

The BDB based message store is optional due to its dependency on Oracle BDB JE, which is distributed under the Sleepycat licence. As a result of this, the dependency cant be distributed by the Apache Qpid project as part of the broker release package.

If you wish to use the BDBMessageStore, then you must download the Oracle BDB JE 5.0.97 release from the Oracle website.

The download has a name in the form je-5.0.97.tar.gz. It is recommended that you confirm the integrity of the download by verifying the MD5.

10.4.2. Oracle BDB JE jar installation

If you wish to use the BDBMessageStore, copy the je-5.0.97.jar from within the release downloaded above into the 'opt' sub-directory of the brokers 'lib' directory.

cp je-5.0.97.jar qpid-broker-0.26/lib/opt
copy je-5.0.97.jar qpid-broker-0.26\lib\opt