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10.5. High Availability BDB Message Store

The Java broker has an optional High Availability message store implementation backed by Oracle BDB JE HA. This section references information on where to download the optional dependency from, how to add it to the broker installation, and how to configure the BDBHAMessageStore.

For more detailed information about use of this store, see Chapter 13, High Availability.

10.5.1. Oracle BDB JE download

For details, see Section 10.4.1, “Oracle BDB JE download”.

10.5.2. Oracle BDB JE jar installation

For details, see Section 10.4.2, “Oracle BDB JE jar installation”.

10.5.3. Configuration

In order to use the BDBHAMessageStore, you must use a Virtual Host XML configuration file when defining a VirtualHost, configuring it for each VirtualHost desired by updating the store element to specify the associated store class, provide a directory location for the data to be written, and configure the replication group and policies used by BDB JA HA.

A general configuration example is shown here, however it is strongly recommended you examine the wider context of Chapter 13, High Availability for a fuller discussion of the various configuration options and how to use them.