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10.3. SQL Message Store

The Java broker has a message store implementation backed by JDBC API. This section will detail configuration for using the JDBCMessageStore.

The JDBCMessageStore can be selected on Virtual Host creation via REST Management interfaces and Web Management Console. For details, see Chapter 7, Virtual Hosts.

Alternatively, the JDBCMessageStore can configured in Virtual Host configuration xml. For details, see Section 14.7, “Configuring JDBCMessageStore”.

10.3.1. JDBC driver

Only JDBC 4.0 compatible drivers can be used with JDBCMessageStore as it does not register a driver class explicitly. In order to use a JDBCMessageStore a driver library is required to be present in the Broker classpath. For the standard Broker distribution a driver library can be put into ${QPID_HOME}/lib/opt folder.