Qpid .NET Messaging API  0.26
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| \NQpid
|  \NMessaging
|   oNSessionReceiver
|   |oCISessionReceiverISessionReceiver interface defines the callback for users to supply. Once established this callback will receive all messages for all receivers defined by the current session. Users are expected not to 'fetch' or 'get' messages by any other means. Users must acknowledge() the Session's messages either in the callback function or by some other scheme.
|   |\CCallbackServerserver is the class that users instantiate to connect a SessionReceiver callback to the stream of received messages received on a Session.
|   oCAddressAddress is a managed wrapper for a qpid::messaging::Address
|   oCConnection
|   oCsealedDuration is a time interval in milliseconds. It is a managed equivalent of ::qpid::messaging::Duration
|   oCFailoverUpdates
|   oCMessageMessage is a managed wrapper for a ::qpid::messaging::Message
|   oCQpidException
|   oCQpidMarshal
|   oCReceiver
|   oCSender
|   \CSession