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qmf::ConsoleSession Class Reference

#include <ConsoleSession.h>

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Public Member Functions

QMF_EXTERN ConsoleSession (ConsoleSessionImpl *impl=0)
QMF_EXTERN ConsoleSession (const ConsoleSession &)
QMF_EXTERN ConsoleSessionoperator= (const ConsoleSession &)
QMF_EXTERN ~ConsoleSession ()
QMF_EXTERN ConsoleSession (qpid::messaging::Connection &conn, const std::string &options="")
QMF_EXTERN void setDomain (const std::string &domain)
QMF_EXTERN void setAgentFilter (const std::string &filter)
QMF_EXTERN void open ()
QMF_EXTERN void close ()
QMF_EXTERN bool nextEvent (ConsoleEvent &outEvent, qpid::messaging::Duration timeout=qpid::messaging::Duration::FOREVER)
QMF_EXTERN int pendingEvents () const
QMF_EXTERN uint32_t getAgentCount () const
QMF_EXTERN Agent getAgent (uint32_t agentIndex) const
QMF_EXTERN Agent getConnectedBrokerAgent () const
QMF_EXTERN Subscription subscribe (const Query &query, const std::string &agentFilter="", const std::string &options="")
QMF_EXTERN Subscription subscribe (const std::string &query, const std::string &agentFilter="", const std::string &options="")
- Public Member Functions inherited from qmf::Handle< ConsoleSessionImpl >
QMF_INLINE_EXTERN bool isValid () const
QMF_INLINE_EXTERN bool isNull () const
QMF_INLINE_EXTERN operator bool () const
QMF_INLINE_EXTERN bool operator! () const
void swap (Handle< ConsoleSessionImpl > &h)


class qmf::PrivateImplRef< ConsoleSession >
struct ConsoleSessionImplAccess

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from qmf::Handle< ConsoleSessionImpl >
typedef ConsoleSessionImpl Impl
- Protected Member Functions inherited from qmf::Handle< ConsoleSessionImpl >
QMF_EXTERN Handle (const Handle &)
QMF_EXTERN Handleoperator= (const Handle &)
- Protected Attributes inherited from qmf::Handle< ConsoleSessionImpl >

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QMF_EXTERN qmf::ConsoleSession::ConsoleSession ( ConsoleSessionImpl *  impl = 0)
QMF_EXTERN qmf::ConsoleSession::ConsoleSession ( const ConsoleSession )
QMF_EXTERN qmf::ConsoleSession::~ConsoleSession ( )
QMF_EXTERN qmf::ConsoleSession::ConsoleSession ( qpid::messaging::Connection &  conn,
const std::string &  options = "" 

ConsoleSession A session that runs over an AMQP connection for QMF console operation.

connection- An opened qpid::messaging::Connection
options- An optional string containing options

The options string is of the form "{key:value,key:value}". The following keys are supported:

domain:NAME - QMF Domain to join [default: "default"] max-agent-age:N - Maximum time, in minutes, that we will tolerate not hearing from an agent before deleting it [default: 5] listen-on-direct:{True,False} - If True: Listen on legacy direct-exchange address for backward compatibility [default] If False: Listen only on the routable direct address strict-security:{True,False} - If True: Cooperate with the broker to enforce strict access control to the network

  • If False: Operate more flexibly with regard to use of messaging facilities [default] max-thread-wait-time:N - Time (in seconds) the session thread will wait for messages from the network between periodic background processing passes. Must not be greater than 60. Larger numbers will cause fewer wake-ups but will increase the time it takes to shut down the process. [default: 5]

Member Function Documentation

QMF_EXTERN void qmf::ConsoleSession::close ( )

Close the session. Once closed, the session no longer communicates on the messaging network.

QMF_EXTERN Agent qmf::ConsoleSession::getAgent ( uint32_t  agentIndex) const
QMF_EXTERN uint32_t qmf::ConsoleSession::getAgentCount ( ) const

getAgentCount, getAgent - Retrieve the set of agents that match the console session's agent filter.

QMF_EXTERN Agent qmf::ConsoleSession::getConnectedBrokerAgent ( ) const

Get the agent for the connected broker (i.e. the agent embedded in the broker to which we have a connection).

QMF_EXTERN bool qmf::ConsoleSession::nextEvent ( ConsoleEvent outEvent,
qpid::messaging::Duration  timeout = qpid::messaging::Duration::FOREVER 

Get the next event from the console session. Events represent actions that must be acted upon by the console application. This method blocks for up to the timeout if there are no events to be handled. This method will typically be the focus of the console application's main execution loop. If the timeout is set to Duration::IMMEDIATE, the call will not block.

QMF_EXTERN void qmf::ConsoleSession::open ( )

Open the console session. After opening the session, the domain cannot be changed.

QMF_EXTERN ConsoleSession& qmf::ConsoleSession::operator= ( const ConsoleSession )
QMF_EXTERN int qmf::ConsoleSession::pendingEvents ( ) const

Return the number of events pending for nextEvent. This method will never block.

QMF_EXTERN void qmf::ConsoleSession::setAgentFilter ( const std::string &  filter)
QMF_EXTERN void qmf::ConsoleSession::setDomain ( const std::string &  domain)

setDomain - Change the QMF domain that this console will operate in. If this is not called, the domain will be "default". Agents in a domain can be seen only by consoles in the same domain. This must be called prior to opening the console session.

QMF_EXTERN Subscription qmf::ConsoleSession::subscribe ( const Query query,
const std::string &  agentFilter = "",
const std::string &  options = "" 

Create a subscription that involves a subset of the known agents. The set of known agents is defined by the session's agent-filter (see setAgentFilter). The agentFilter argument to the subscribe method is used to further refine the set of agents. If agentFilter is the empty string (i.e. match-all) the subscription will involve all known agents. If agentFilter is non-empty, it will be applied only to the set of known agents. A subscription cannot be created that involves an agent not known by the session.

QMF_EXTERN Subscription qmf::ConsoleSession::subscribe ( const std::string &  query,
const std::string &  agentFilter = "",
const std::string &  options = "" 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend struct ConsoleSessionImplAccess
friend class qmf::PrivateImplRef< ConsoleSession >

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