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Qpid 0.28

Qpid is a cross-platform AMQP messaging system. It provides message brokers written in C++ and Java, and clients for C++, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, and .NET. More about Qpid.

For a detailed list of the changes in this release, see the release notes.


It's important to verify the integrity of the files you download.

Content Download Signature
Full source qpid-0.28.tar.gz PGP
C++ broker, Qpid Messaging API (C++, bindings) qpid-cpp-0.28.tar.gz PGP
C++ broker command-line tools qpid-tools-0.28.tar.gz PGP
Java broker qpid-java-broker-0.28.tar.gz PGP
Qpid JMS (AMQP 0-10, 0-91, 0-9, 0-8) qpid-java-client-0.28.tar.gz PGP
Qpid JMS (AMQP 1.0) qpid-java-amqp-1-0-client-jms-0.28.tar.gz PGP
Qpid JCA qpid-java-0.28.tar.gz PGP
Qpid Messaging API (Python) qpid-python-0.28.tar.gz PGP
QMF qpid-qmf-0.28.tar.gz PGP

Java artefacts are released as compiled bytecode. Source code is available in the full source artefact.


Component Languages Platforms AMQP versions
C++ broker C++ Linux, Windows 1.0, 0-10
Java broker Java JVM 1.0, 0-10, 0-91, 0-9, 0-8
Qpid JCA Java JVM 0-10
Qpid JMS Java JVM 1.0, 0-10, 0-91, 0-9, 0-8
Qpid Messaging API C++, Perl, Python, Ruby, .NET Linux, Windows 1.0, 0-10
Qpid WCF .NET Windows 0-10
QMF C++, Python Linux 0-10


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