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13.13. Backups

In order to protect the entire cluster from some cataclysms which might destroy all cluster nodes, backups of the Master store should be taken on a regular basis.

Qpid Broker distribution includes the "hot" backup utility which can be found at broker bin folder. This utility can perform the backup when broker is running. script invokes to do the job.

You can also run this class from command line like in an example below:

Example 13.5. Performing store backup by using BDBBackup class directly

java -cp qpid-bdbstore-0.28.jar -fromdir path/to/store/folder -todir path/to/backup/folder

In the example above BDBBackup utility is called from qpid-bdbstore-0.28.jar to backup the store at path/to/store/folder and copy store logs into path/to/backup/folder.

Linux and Unix users can take advantage of bash script by running this script in a similar way.

Example 13.6. Performing store backup by using bash script -fromdir path/to/store/folder -todir path/to/backup/folder


Do not forget to ensure that the Master store is being backed up, in the event the Node elected Master changes during the lifecycle of the cluster.