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Qpid Broker-J 8.0.0 Release Notes

Qpid Broker-J is a message broker written in Java that stores, routes, and forwards messages using AMQP.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • QPID-8284 - [Broker-J] Move remaining classes for AMQP protocols 0-8..0-91 from qpid-broker-core into plugin module qpid-broker-plugins-amqp-0-8-protocol
  • QPID-8349 - [Broker-J][AMQP 1.0][Tests] Improve protocol tests to be able to run the test suite against external broker
  • QPID-8350 - [Broker-J][AMQP 1.0][Tests] Fix protocol tests
  • QPID-8367 - [Broker-J] Trusted CA revocation list
  • QPID-8369 - [Broker-J] Limit number of connections per user
  • QPID-8370 - [Broker-J] Option to disable WebGUI
  • QPID-8374 - [Broker-J][ACL] Allow case insensitive mapping of group members to groups in existing GroupProvider
  • QPID-8382 - [Broker-J] Allow for attribute injectors to be type specific
  • QPID-8389 - [Broker-J] Support the ability to limit the number of active consumers
  • QPID-8392 - [Broker-J] Use context variable for configuring queue default alternate binding and remove references to x-qpid-dlq-enabled from docs
  • QPID-8402 - [Broker-J][Tests] Use Bouncy Castle API to generate certificate resources on the fly in unit and system tests
  • QPID-8409 - [Broker-J]Misleading Documentation of "Node Priority" for the initial configuration
  • QPID-8415 - [Broker-J] Change model version to 8.0

Bugs fixed

  • QPID-8105 - [Broker-J] broker-core unit tests are failing because of wrong locale
  • QPID-8414 - [Broker-J][WMC] The checkboxes Need/Want SSL Client Certificate are always checked on create/edit port UI
  • QPID-8423 - [Broker-J] [Logback] The outcome of logging rule for the exact logger could be superseded by the rule for logger with a trailing wild card


  • QPID-8331 - [Broker-J] Upgrade derby dependency
  • QPID-8335 - [Broker-J] Upgrade bcel dependency to version 6.3.1
  • QPID-8361 - [Broker-J] Create a developer guide for Qpid Broker-J
  • QPID-8417 - [Broker-J] Update unit test dependencies to the latest vesrions
  • QPID-8418 - [Broker-J] Update jetty dependency to the latest version
  • QPID-8419 - [Broker-J] Update slf4j dependencies to the latest version
  • QPID-8420 - [Broker-J] Update guava dependency to the latest version
  • QPID-8421 - [Broker-J] Update dojo toolkit version
  • QPID-8422 - [Broker-J] Update integration test dependecies to the latest versions