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Qpid C++ 0.34 Release Notes

A connection-oriented messaging API that supports many languages and platforms. A message-oriented middleware message broker written in C++ that stores, routes, and forwards messages using AMQP.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • QPID-6492 - When AMQP 1.0 link attach triggers an ACL error, the link should be refused
  • QPID-6592 - [amqp1.0] Add identifying information to the connection properties advertised to the client

Bugs fixed

  • QPID-6256 - Improved control over AMQP versions tried
  • QPID-6368 - Coverity 1262251 - double free in ~PersistableQueue
  • QPID-6392 - [C++ Broker] [AMQP 1.0] the broker didnt respond to a link detach request
  • QPID-6397 - [C++ broker] segfault when processing QMF method during periodic processing
  • QPID-6399 - Windows run_test.ps1 script needs revamp to match run_test
  • QPID-6409 - Taking address of a 0-length vector throws exception
  • QPID-6463 - WinSDK script fails - Proton components have moved
  • QPID-6470 - FieldValue::getFloatingPointValue() converts endian each time it is called
  • QPID-6484 - AccessViolationException when creating queues
  • QPID-6493 - cmake install (TARGET ...) component syntax is incorrect in the src/CMakeLists.txt
  • QPID-6511 - [C++ Broker, clients] AMQP 0-10 windows clients can not connect to --no-auth broker
  • QPID-6521 - [AMQP 1.0] messages received pre-settled are never settled locally causing memory build up in client
  • QPID-6524 - [C++ broker]: Fix for QPID-5107 incomplete for queues
  • QPID-6526 - [AMQP 1.0]: race condition in creating senders/receivers
  • QPID-6529 - [C++ Client] Fails to compile with Proton 0.10
  • QPID-6532 - make sasl service name configurable
  • QPID-6548 - SYSV init scripts do not work properly wiht SSL-only broker.
  • QPID-6549 - service qpidd status returns 1 - hidden error is "ConnectionError: connection-forced: Connection must be encrypted.(320)"
  • QPID-6551 - [C++ broker]: linearstore raising JERR_LFCR_SEQNUMNOTFOUND after sending many DTX transactions
  • QPID-6559 - NullSaslClient only support ANONYMOUS
  • QPID-6563 - [amqp1.0] broker does not clean up closed sessions or links
  • QPID-6568 - [amqp1.0] bump the minimum required proton version to 0.7
  • QPID-6602 - [AMQP 1.0] prefetch is not always accurate