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Chapter 2. The .NET Binding for the C++ Messaging Client

The .NET Binding for the C++ Qpid Messaging Client is a library that gives any .NET program access to Qpid C++ Messaging objects and methods.

2.1. .NET Binding for the C++ Messaging Client Component Architecture

                      | Dotnet examples            |
                      | Managed C#                 |
                             |               |
                             V               |
        +---------------------------+        |
        | .NET Managed Callback     |        |
        | org.apache.qpid.messaging.|        |
        | sessionreceiver.dll       |        |
        +----------------------+----+        |
                               |             |
managed                        V             V
(.NET)                 +--------------------------------+
:::::::::::::::::::::::| .NET Binding Library           |::::::::::::
unmanaged              | org.apache.qpid.messaging.dll  |
(Native Win32/64)      +---------------+----------------+
      +----------------+               |
      | Native examples|               |
      | Unmanaged C++  |               |
      +--------+-------+               |
               |                       |
               V                       V
          | QPID Messaging C++ Libraries     |
          | qpid*.dll qmf*.dll               |

This diagram illustrates the code and library components of the binding and the hierarchical relationships between them.

Table 2.1. .NET Binding for the C++ Messaging Client Component Architecture

Component NameComponent Function
QPID Messaging C++ LibrariesThe QPID Messaging C++ core run time system
Unmanaged C++ Example Source ProgramsOrdinary C++ programs that illustrate using qpid/cpp Messaging directly in a native Windows environment.
.NET Messaging Binding LibraryThe .NET Messaging Binding library provides interoprability between managed .NET programs and the unmanaged, native Qpid Messaging C++ core run time system. .NET programs create a Reference to this library thereby exposing all of the native C++ Messaging functionality to programs written in any .NET language.
.NET Messaging Managed Callback LibraryAn extension of the .NET Messaging Binding Library that provides message callbacks in a managed .NET environment.
Managed C# .NET Example Source ProgramsVarious C# example programs that illustrate using .NET Binding for C++ Messaging in the .NET environment.