Qpid C++ Messaging API  1.37.0
qpid::messaging::Sender Class Reference

#include <Sender.h>

Inheritance diagram for qpid::messaging::Sender:
qpid::messaging::Handle< SenderImpl >

Public Member Functions

QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN Sender (SenderImpl *impl=0)
QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN Sender (const Sender &)
QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN Senderoperator= (const Sender &)
QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN void send (const Message &message, bool sync=false)
QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN void setCapacity (uint32_t)
QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN uint32_t getCapacity ()
QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN uint32_t getUnsettled ()
QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN uint32_t getAvailable ()
QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN const std::string & getName () const
QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN Session getSession () const
QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN Address getAddress () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from qpid::messaging::Handle< SenderImpl >
QPID_MESSAGING_INLINE_EXTERN operator bool () const
QPID_MESSAGING_INLINE_EXTERN bool operator! () const
void swap (Handle< SenderImpl > &h)


class qpid::messaging::PrivateImplRef< Sender >

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from qpid::messaging::Handle< SenderImpl >
typedef SenderImpl Impl
- Protected Attributes inherited from qpid::messaging::Handle< SenderImpl >
Impl * impl

Detailed Description

Interface through which messages are sent.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getAddress()

QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN Address qpid::messaging::Sender::getAddress ( ) const

Returns an address for this sender.

◆ getAvailable()

QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN uint32_t qpid::messaging::Sender::getAvailable ( )

Returns the number of messages for which there is available capacity.

◆ getCapacity()

QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN uint32_t qpid::messaging::Sender::getCapacity ( )

Returns the capacity of the sender.

See also

◆ getName()

QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN const std::string& qpid::messaging::Sender::getName ( ) const

Returns the name of this sender.

◆ getSession()

QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN Session qpid::messaging::Sender::getSession ( ) const

Returns a handle to the session associated with this sender.

◆ getUnsettled()

QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN uint32_t qpid::messaging::Sender::getUnsettled ( )

Returns the number of sent messages pending confirmation of receipt by the broker. (These are the 'in-doubt' messages).

◆ send()

QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN void qpid::messaging::Sender::send ( const Message message,
bool  sync = false 

Sends a message

messagethe message to send
syncif true the call will block until the server confirms receipt of the messages; if false will only block for available capacity (i.e. pending == capacity)

◆ setCapacity()

QPID_MESSAGING_EXTERN void qpid::messaging::Sender::setCapacity ( uint32_t  )

Sets the capacity for the sender. The capacity determines how many outgoing messages can be held pending confirmation of receipt by the broker.

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