Qpid C++ Messaging API  1.37.0
qpid::types::Uuid Class Reference


struct  Hasher

Public Member Functions

QPID_TYPES_EXTERN Uuid (bool unique=false)
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN Uuid (const Uuid &)
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN Uuidoperator= (const Uuid &)
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN Uuid (const unsigned char *data16)
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN Uuid (const char *data16)
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN void generate ()
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN void clear ()
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN bool isNull () const
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN operator bool () const
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN bool operator! () const
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN std::string str () const
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN size_t size () const
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN const unsigned char * data () const
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN size_t hash () const

Static Public Attributes

static QPID_TYPES_EXTERN const size_t SIZE


QPID_TYPES_EXTERN bool operator== (const Uuid &, const Uuid &)
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN bool operator!= (const Uuid &, const Uuid &)
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN bool operator< (const Uuid &, const Uuid &)
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN bool operator> (const Uuid &, const Uuid &)
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN bool operator<= (const Uuid &, const Uuid &)
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN bool operator>= (const Uuid &, const Uuid &)
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &, Uuid)
QPID_TYPES_EXTERN std::istream & operator>> (std::istream &, Uuid &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Uuid() [1/2]

QPID_TYPES_EXTERN qpid::types::Uuid::Uuid ( bool  unique = false)

If unique is true, this will generate a new unique uuid, if not it will construct a null uuid.

◆ Uuid() [2/2]

QPID_TYPES_EXTERN qpid::types::Uuid::Uuid ( const unsigned char *  data16)

Copy the UUID from data16, which must point to a 16-byte UUID

Member Function Documentation

◆ clear()

QPID_TYPES_EXTERN void qpid::types::Uuid::clear ( )

Set to all zeros.

◆ generate()

QPID_TYPES_EXTERN void qpid::types::Uuid::generate ( )

Set to a new unique identifier.

◆ hash()

QPID_TYPES_EXTERN size_t qpid::types::Uuid::hash ( ) const

Hash value suitable for use with unordered_map

◆ isNull()

QPID_TYPES_EXTERN bool qpid::types::Uuid::isNull ( ) const

Test for null (all zeros).

◆ str()

QPID_TYPES_EXTERN std::string qpid::types::Uuid::str ( ) const

String value in format 1b4e28ba-2fa1-11d2-883f-b9a761bde3fb.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ operator!=

QPID_TYPES_EXTERN bool operator!= ( const Uuid ,
const Uuid  

Returns true if the uuids are NOT equal, false if they are.

◆ operator<<

QPID_TYPES_EXTERN std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  ,

Print in format 1b4e28ba-2fa1-11d2-883f-b9a761bde3fb.

◆ operator==

QPID_TYPES_EXTERN bool operator== ( const Uuid ,
const Uuid  

Returns true if the uuids are equal, false otherwise.

◆ operator>>

QPID_TYPES_EXTERN std::istream& operator>> ( std::istream &  ,

Read from format 1b4e28ba-2fa1-11d2-883f-b9a761bde3fb.

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