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Qpid C++ 1.37.0 Release Notes

Qpid C++ offers a connection-oriented messaging API supporting many programming languages and a message broker written in C++ that stores, routes, and forwards messages using AMQP.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • QPID-7574 - Make management libraries Python 3 compatible
  • QPID-7629 - Use CMake "SYSTEM" keyword when including headers
  • QPID-7666 - [linearstore] Enhancements to the write buffer default and per-queue options
  • QPID-7677 - [C++ broker] broker requires much more memory for AMQP1.0 subscription than for 0-10 one
  • QPID-7698 - Minor doc improvements
  • QPID-7714 - Suppress auto_ptr warnings
  • QPID-7715 - [linearstore] Documentation on upgrading from pre-partition to partitioned version of store
  • QPID-7861 - [cpp] Provide systemd scripts for Fedora
  • QPID-7874 - qpid-route performs an unnecessary link check when adding routes
  • QPID-7875 - qpid-route fetches links multiple times when deleting routes
  • QPID-8041 - [Messaging] Allow virtualhost to be specified when form an AMQP 0-10 connection

Bugs fixed

  • QPID-7595 - [C++ Windows] CMake required version is too low for installation
  • QPID-7651 - [linearstore] Using write page cache sizes of 1 and 2 (kiB) cause floating point exception on startup
  • QPID-7669 - Unintended UI changes from switch to swigged Python client for management tools
  • QPID-7671 - Problem building on debian (unstable) distribution:
  • QPID-7674 - Broker bulid problem with GCC 7
  • QPID-7693 - SSL client socket leaks a file descriptor
  • QPID-7702 - Use of 'return NULL' in swig binding leaks memory
  • QPID-7713 - Clang build fails with link error
  • QPID-7786 - qpidd segfaults during startup when SSL certificate cant be read
  • QPID-7788 - Linearstore doesnt move to EFP latest journal files when deleting a durable queue
  • QPID-7847 - qmf.client.BrokerAgent does not provide reconnect support
  • QPID-7859 - [AMQP 1.0]: sending message to an exchange that exceeds the limit of a queue with reject policy results in connection being closed
  • QPID-7860 - [cpp] Build produces deprecation warnings on recent Fedora
  • QPID-7871 - Batch file for Windows is missing from qpid-tools setup package
  • QPID-7876 - qpid-route does not properly consider src-local when matching bridges
  • QPID-7893 - compilation failure on Fedora 26
  • QPID-7895 - [linearstore] Excessive CPU utilization for some kernel clocksources
  • QPID-7901 - Prevent endless detach cycle
  • QPID-7929 - [c++ broker] missing extern fails compile on Windows
  • QPID-7975 - [linearstore] Sending durable messages using AMQP 1.0 and 0-10 concurrently causes high latency for 1.0 messages
  • QPID-7991 - Segfault in broker while processing active bridges
  • QPID-8037 - Compile error on Windows, Visual Studio 2017