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Qpid Dispatch 0.3 Release Notes

Dispatch is a lightweight AMQP message router library. More about Qpid Dispatch.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • DISPATCH-1 - Use Target Address from the link if there is no To field in a message from a producer
  • DISPATCH-2 - Adhere to the AMQP Management Specification for remote management
  • DISPATCH-12 - Exercise qdstat in the tests
  • DISPATCH-16 - Improve logging for dispatch
  • DISPATCH-26 - Documentation updates for 0.3
  • DISPATCH-33 - Use session flow control to protect the router's memory
  • DISPATCH-34 - Multi-Leg Addressing for Broker Integration
  • DISPATCH-36 - Make max-frame-size configurable per-connector/listener
  • DISPATCH-38 - Interpret unqualified $management as _local/$management
  • DISPATCH-39 - Use studlyCaps for standard management property names
  • DISPATCH-41 - Port the container to Proton Engine's new event API
  • DISPATCH-49 - Hush doxygen output
  • DISPATCH-50 - Allow configurable setting of logging levels.
  • DISPATCH-54 - Move message metadata from delivery-annotations to message-annotations
  • DISPATCH-63 - Daemon operation is needed for SysV-style service execution
  • DISPATCH-67 - Add listener configuration for allow-no-sasl
  • DISPATCH-69 - Router container should offer ANONYMOUS-RELAY capability
  • DISPATCH-74 - Allow changes to logging configuration of a running router.
  • DISPATCH-80 - Management schema: implement annotations and entity inheritance as per AMQP management WD 09
  • DISPATCH-81 - Remove old management code.
  • DISPATCH-92 - Make dispatch logging configuration more flexible and qpid-like
  • DISPATCH-94 - Router documentation to Qpid web site for 0.3 release.

Bugs fixed

  • DISPATCH-31 - Valgrind reports memory leaks due to stubbed destructors
  • DISPATCH-37 - Various memory leaks
  • DISPATCH-40 - Qdrouterd segfaults while connecting to neighbour router
  • DISPATCH-46 - dispatch crash when proton gets bad socket
  • DISPATCH-51 - address semantics don't propagate from one router to another
  • DISPATCH-59 - Inconsistency on router reconnection
  • DISPATCH-61 - Inconsistent service names for the router
  • DISPATCH-66 - NULL header fields are interpreted as present
  • DISPATCH-72 - Sporadic core dumps in dispatch tests
  • DISPATCH-73 - Disallow inter-router listeners and connectors if role = standalone.
  • DISPATCH-75 - Remove reference to qdstat.conf from qdstat manpage
  • DISPATCH-76 - qd_log should not evaluate its arguments if log statement is not enabled.
  • DISPATCH-77 - Error decoding an integer message body
  • DISPATCH-78 - Driver runs at 100% CPU after an unclean disconnect
  • DISPATCH-79 - Management agent errors after restarting a second router.
  • DISPATCH-82 - Poor error handling by qdmanage and qdstat tools.
  • DISPATCH-83 - Error messages are not displayed if an error occurs when starting in deamon mode
  • DISPATCH-85 - Remove all direct printing to stdout and stderr.
  • DISPATCH-86 - Management agent should enforce format of identifiers.
  • DISPATCH-87 - Double load of
  • DISPATCH-88 - Python functions invoked without the Python lock being held causes crash
  • DISPATCH-91 - Configured log levels don't work with Python-based sources
  • DISPATCH-93 - Multiple log entries in config file prevent qdrouterd from starting
  • DISPATCH-95 - Connector and listener identity does not show address and port.


  • DISPATCH-65 - Packages are needed for Ubuntu Precise (12 LTS)