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Qpid Interop Test 0.1.0 Release Notes

Qpid Interop Test is a suite of AMQP interoperability tests. More about Qpid Interop Test.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • QPIDIT-20 - Add ability to detect broker, skip tests that fail for that broker
  • QPIDIT-21 - Add shims for C++ client
  • QPIDIT-22 - Add ability to run on Jenkins CI
  • QPIDIT-32 - Use Maven to build Java components
  • QPIDIT-33 - Add JMS message headers and properties to test suite
  • QPIDIT-41 - Rearrange test directory structure to better organize tests and shims
  • QPIDIT-42 - Split JMS message test into two separate tests: message bodies, and message headers/properties
  • QPIDIT-44 - Add AMQP large content test
  • QPIDIT-53 - Eliminate use of authentication when collecting broker connection properties
  • QPIDIT-84 - Update README, QUICKSTART, add a users' guide
  • QPIDIT-96 - Improvements in Java component management
  • QPIDIT-98 - Change Proton C++ Receiver shims to use latest non-deprecated API calls

Bugs fixed

  • QPIDIT-24 - Broker identification failure blocks tests
  • QPIDIT-34 - Update to jsoncpp text format has broken test harness for all C++ shims
  • QPIDIT-38 - Artemis broker-added properties not handled correctly in python receive shim
  • QPIDIT-40 - Sender and Receiver threads don't stop when tests end in some error conditions
  • QPIDIT-51 - Method needed to skip sensing broker type
  • QPIDIT-55 - Proton install dir is hard coded into cmake
  • QPIDIT-56 - Rhea installs to /usr/lib regardless of cmake install dir
  • QPIDIT-57 - Cmake installer should check for presence of Node.js and Rhea client
  • QPIDIT-66 - Shims should install into a libexec directory, not into the Python site-packages path
  • QPIDIT-67 - Compile errors after recent header cleanup in Proton C++ bindings
  • QPIDIT-69 - JMS tests fail with "Import Error: no module names jms_types"
  • QPIDIT-73 - Rhea shim char type broken by recent updates to Rhea
  • QPIDIT-82 - JMS tests fail intermittently with null message
  • QPIDIT-83 - JAVA classpath points to maven repository rather than installed location


  • QPIDIT-1 - Initial code import
  • QPIDIT-2 - Add command-line options to control which shims and/or AMQP type combinations to run
  • QPIDIT-13 - Submit patch to Proton for AMQP type support needed by ProtonPython shim
  • QPIDIT-16 - Place Qpid JMS shim build management under Maven
  • QPIDIT-17 - Add JMS test suite
  • QPIDIT-18 - Use existing structured text representation standard for communicating between test and shims
  • QPIDIT-47 - Add Rhea javascript shim for AMQP types test
  • QPIDIT-48 - Add test options which allow separate addresses for the sender and receiver
  • QPIDIT-52 - Make qpid-interop-test installable
  • QPIDIT-59 - Create a HOWTO file on writing a new shim
  • QPIDIT-60 - Create a HOWTO file on writing a new test