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Qpid Java 6.0.1 Release Notes

Qpid Java offers an AMQP-fluent implementation of JMS and a message broker written in Java that stores, routes, and forwards messages using AMQP.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • QPID-6932 - Enhance model object to expose key JVM statistics such as heap memory, garbage collection
  • QPID-6940 - [Java Broker] [AMQP 1.0] The Delivery object does not need to retain a list of associated transfers
  • QPID-6961 - Use maven to generate Java Broker and (legacy) Java Client docbook
  • QPID-6965 - Make preemptive HTTP authentication pluggable
  • QPID-6967 - [Java Broker] Add SCRAM-SHA1/256 sasl support to authentication managers which store the password in cleartext
  • QPID-6977 - [Java Client] Partial port - Enable TLSv1.1 and v1.2 in client qpid-java-6.0.1
  • QPID-6978 - [Java Broker] Partial port - Port the ability to disable TLS Protocols qpid-java-6.0.1
  • QPID-6993 - [Java Broker] Improve security of SCRAM-* authentication managers by not storing the salted passwords
  • QPID-7007 - Add the ability to mutate JE configuration properties at runtime
  • QPID-7009 - BDD HA: DbPing call should have an independent timeout control
  • QPID-7017 - Include Queue UUID in QUE-1001/1002 operational log message
  • QPID-7019 - BDB JE turn on log file upgrade migration by default
  • QPID-7027 - [Java Broker] Make HTTP Management interactive login pluggable
  • QPID-7028 - [Java Broker] Add OAuth2 AuthenticationProvider
  • QPID-7029 - [Java Broker] Add OAuth2 PreemptiveAuthenticator
  • QPID-7030 - [Java Broker] Add OAuth2 HttpRequestInteractiveAuthenticator
  • QPID-7031 - [Java Broker] Add Pluggable OAuth2 AuthenticationProvider Backend for CloudFoundry
  • QPID-7032 - [Java Broker] Add information about the selected TLS protocol and cipher suite on Connection objects
  • QPID-7035 - [Java Broker] SCRAM implementation should make iteration count configurable
  • QPID-7039 - [Java Broker] Allow overriding of default initial configuration location via system property
  • QPID-7045 - [Java Broker] Add OAuth2 SASL mechanism
  • QPID-7048 - Log a warning if an AMQPPort does not have one or more virtual host aliases
  • QPID-7049 - [Java Broker] Provide a mechanism to inject attribute/statistic definitions into types at runtime
  • QPID-7055 - Improve GroupProvider API
  • QPID-7056 - [Java Broker/Client] Allow overriding of TLS cipher suites preferences
  • QPID-7058 - [Java Client] Log the current connection state when connection establishment times out
  • QPID-7068 - Drive AbstractConfiguredObject#validationChange from reflection rather than attribute metadata
  • QPID-7069 - [Java Broker] Add CloudFoundry specific GroupProvider
  • QPID-7079 - [Java Broker] Add connection state logging on idle timeout to 0-10 onnections

Bugs fixed

  • QPID-6817 - [Java Broker] On abrupt connection close from client side when Broker is delivering messages to consumer the delivered messages might not be released as part of close in some unlucky circumstances
  • QPID-6939 - [Java Broker] [AMQP 1.0] Ensure all outstanding bytes get processed when received() is called on the connection
  • QPID-6944 - High CPU use sending message using SSL
  • QPID-6950 - [Java Broker] Starting embedded broker with http-management plugin using Broker#startup(BrokerOptions) requires Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler to be set
  • QPID-6951 - [Java Client] AMQSession.deregisterConsumer() leaks Memory
  • QPID-6955 - BufferOverflowException downloading message content
  • QPID-6968 - [Java Broker] Decoding of pipelined AMQP 0-9.x frames can fail when multiple frames are received as part of the same byte buffer
  • QPID-6972 - BDB HA: Node may remain detached from group following loss of quorum
  • QPID-6975 - NonBlockingConnectionTLSDelegate won't read to stream end if SSLEngine is closed
  • QPID-6979 - AttributeValueConverter's Certificate handling code assumes unix line endings
  • QPID-6994 - [Java Broker] AMQP connection close might fail to delete temporary queue after close of VirtualHost
  • QPID-6996 - Can't make a node master twice (during a single Broker lifetime)
  • QPID-6997 - [Java Broker, BDBStore] HA JE Transaction commit might end up in NullPointerException when commit is invoked when majority is lost
  • QPID-6999 - [Java Broker, BDBStore, HA] In replicated environment JE transactions aborted on committing can cause Broker shutdown
  • QPID-7001 - [Java Broker] NullPointerException can be thrown from Port IO Thread
  • QPID-7002 - [Java Broker] REST API throws NullPointerException when requesting all consumers
  • QPID-7016 - BDB JE cleaner can make no progress allowing for unbounded store growth
  • QPID-7021 - BDB hot backup (takeBackupNoLock) may fail with IOException
  • QPID-7022 - [Java Broker] Fix Web Management Console javascript issues
  • QPID-7024 - BDB HA - Group change thread-pool sized to availableProcessors +1
  • QPID-7060 - [Java Broker] [0-10] Connection close disassociates virtualhost before closing sessions and connection model object
  • QPID-7061 - [Java Broker] Web management console help URL is set to wrong location
  • QPID-7065 - [Java Broker] Wrong RegEx prohibits HA VHNs with dash ("-") in host address
  • QPID-7067 - Scram SHA upgrader loses the original password


  • QPID-6925 - [Java] Generate source bundle on releasing a new version of java components