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Chapter 1. Introduction

The Apache Qpid Broker for Java is a powerful open-source message broker that implements all versions of the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP). The Apache Qpid Broker for Java is actually one of two message brokers provided by the Apache Qpid project: Broker for Java and the C++ Broker.

This document relates to the Apache Qpid Broker for Java. The C++ Broker is described separately.

Headline features

  • 100% Java implementation - runs on any platform supporting Java 1.7 or higher

  • Messaging clients support in Java, C++, Python.

  • JMS 1.1 compliance (Java client).

  • Persistent and non-persistent (transient) message support

  • Supports for all common messaging patterns (point-to-point, publish/subscribe, fan-out etc).

  • Transaction support including XA[1]

  • Supports for all versions of the AMQP protocol

  • Automatic message translation, allowing clients using different AMQP versions to communicate with each other.

  • Pluggable authentication architecture with out-of-the-box support for Kerberos, LDAP, External, and file-based authentication mechanisms.

  • Support for message compression

  • Client support for end to end message encryption

  • Pluggable storage architecture with implementations including Apache Derby, Oracle BDB JE[2], and External Database

  • Web based management interface and programmatic management interfaces via REST.

  • SSL support

  • High availability (HA) support.[3]

[1] XA provided when using AMQP 0-10

[2] Oracle BDB JE must be downloaded separately.

[3] HA currently only available to users of the optional BDB JE HA based message store.