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E.3. Installing Oracle BDB JE

The Oracle BDB JE is not distributed with Apache Qpid owing to license considerations..

If you wish to use a BDB Virtualhost Node, BDB Virtualhost, or BDB HA Virtualhost Node you must make the BDB JE's JAR available on the Broker's classpath.

Download the Oracle BDB JE 5.0.104 release from the Oracle website.

The download has a name in the form je-5.0.104.tar.gz. It is recommended that you confirm the integrity of the download by verifying the MD5.

Copy the je-5.0.104.jar from within the release into ${QPID_HOME}/lib folder.

cp je-5.0.104.jar qpid-broker-6.1.5/lib
copy je-5.0.104.jar qpid-broker-6.1.5\lib