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Qpid JMS 0.24.0 Release Notes

Qpid JMS is a complete Java Message Service 2.0 client built using the Qpid Proton protocol engine.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • QPIDJMS-303 - Add support for SASL GSSAPI Kerberos mechanism
  • QPIDJMS-304 - Cleanup the Session handling of its executor thread tracking
  • QPIDJMS-306 - Use a more fitting data structure for inbound message queue

Bugs fixed

  • QPIDJMS-293 - the WebSocket transport does not handle continuation frames
  • QPIDJMS-294 - The SCRAM-SHA-* SASL mechanisms should verify the server final message if it is sent in the additional-data field of sasl-outcome
  • QPIDJMS-299 - executor thread factories can retain closed connection objects due to implicit parent references
  • QPIDJMS-300 - Possible thread leak on simultaneous local and remote connection close
  • QPIDJMS-301 - Pooled Buffer leak possible on send when connection has dropped
  • QPIDJMS-302 - an NPE can occur when trying to throw a JMSException to indicate the connection failed
  • QPIDJMS-305 - Potential race on sasl authentication failures can throw wrong exception on connect
  • QPIDJMS-307 - fix handling of tx declare rejection while creating a transacted Session