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Qpid JMS AMQP 0-x 6.3.0 Release Notes

Qpid JMS AMQP 0-x is JMS 1.1 compatible client which can speak AMQP 0-8,0-9,0-9-1 and 0-10.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • QPID-7292 - Qpid clients should verify the server-final message when using SCRAM-* authentication
  • QPID-7466 - [Java Broker, Java Client for AMQP 0-8 to 0-10] Improve documentation for end-to-end encryption
  • QPID-7476 - [Java Client] Improve error message when timeout exception thrown in commit
  • QPID-7524 - [Java Client] New lines should be specified with '%n' in calls to String.format
  • QPID-7530 - [Java Client] AMQSession_0_8#isQueueExist contains dead code intending to send passive queue declaration when queue is bound to a default exchange and assert flag is set to true
  • QPID-7532 - [Java] Replace AMQConstant class with constant integer error codes
  • QPID-7533 - [Java Broker] Implement wd12 version of the AMQP Management working draft
  • QPID-7538 - [Java Client] Improve handling of hanshake status codes in SSLSender
  • QPID-7622 - Separate Qpid Broker for Java and 0-x JMS Client in source tree
  • QPID-7718 - Tidy up 0-x JMS Client source tree following separation from Broker.
  • QPID-7725 - Remove direct byte buffer implementation
  • QPID-7726 - Upgrade SLF4J to 1.7.25
  • QPID-7737 - [JMS AMQP 0-x Client] Upgrade SLF4j to 1.7.25
  • QPID-7778 - [Java Broker, Documentation] The Message encryption pages should mention that they require the Unlimited Strength JCE
  • QPID-7779 - [Qpid JMS Client 0-x] [0-8..0-91] sasl_mechs and other SASL connection options not supported
  • QPID-8018 - [Java Client, AMQP 0-x] Clarify error message when connection times out
  • QPID-8034 - [Qpid JMS AMQP 0-x] Update bundling to follow project conventions

Bugs fixed

  • QPID-7505 - [JMS AMQP 0-x Client] [AMQP 0-10] Synchronous #receive(long) might return null even though there are messages on the queue and client has enough credit
  • QPID-7507 - AMQSession_0_10.isQueueExist() fails with NPE if SessionException does not have a cause
  • QPID-7535 - [Java Client] Strengthen notification between threads holding dispatcher lock
  • QPID-7537 - Improve implementations of equal methods in various classes to be able to account for sub-classes
  • QPID-7544 - [Java Client][AMQP 0-10] After resending a previously sent Message, the JMSMessageId is not updated
  • QPID-7692 - [Java Broker, 0-8..0-91] Message sent to fanout exchange with no routing key is not delivered to application
  • QPID-7774 - [JMS Client 0-x] [0-8..0-91] MessageConsumer#receiveNoWait() always returns null after a successful failover
  • QPID-7888 - [Java Client] [Documentation] Correct typo in end to end encryption connection url examples
  • QPID-7897 - [Java 0-8...0-9-1 Client] Message#getJMSCorrelationIDAsBytes() erroneously first converts to string before retreiving bytes
  • QPID-7898 - [Java 0-8...0-9-1 Client] Calling getJMSReplyTo on a received message can lead to NullPointerException
  • QPID-7899 - [Java 0-8...0-9-1 Client] Message#setJMSCorrelationIDAsBytes() erroneously converts the bytes to string
  • QPID-7964 - [Java Client, AMQP 0-x] SCRAM SASL implementation incorrectly encodes "=" and "," for passwords
  • QPID-8033 - [Qpid JMS AMQP 0-x] An establishment of connection times out if an exception is thrown from ConnectionStartMethoHandler due to unsupported sasl mechanisms


  • QPID-7628 - [java] update to current apache parent pom
  • QPID-7716 - Remove AMQP 0-10 based JCA/RA components from Qpid JMS 0-x Client
  • QPID-7738 - [Qpid JMS AMQP 0-x Client] Migrate qpid-java svn to git
  • QPID-7755 - add release scripts for qpid-broker-j and qpid-jms-amqp-0-x