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Qpid Proton 0.12.0 Release Notes

Proton is a high-performance, lightweight messaging library. More about Qpid Proton.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

Note: This release contains a new C++ binding of the Proton API. The documented API is substantially settled, but there are some areas that will change in the next release and should be considered unstable API:

  • The proton::connection_engine and the proton::io interfaces
  • The find_sessions and find_links methods on connection and session

Note: Qpid C++ 0.34 builds will fail against this version of Proton unless you set -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS=-Wno-error=switch. A new release of Qpid C++ will resolve this problem.

New features and improvements

  • PROTON-1037 - Add support for setting/getting message properties
  • PROTON-1039 - Add support for setting/getting transport headers
  • PROTON-1047 - go: improved ack handling in electron API, add to broker example
  • PROTON-1048 - Proton-C ssl tests on Windows with SChannel
  • PROTON-1052 - SSL support in C++ reactor client
  • PROTON-1053 - SASL support in C++ reactor client
  • PROTON-1054 - Add acceptor context to incoming reactor connections.
  • PROTON-1062 - proton::engine as a client example
  • PROTON-1066 - Connection options for C++ binding
  • PROTON-1068 - c++ remove counted_ptr and context types from public API
  • PROTON-1076 - C++ binding acceptor context
  • PROTON-1082 - add ability to specify and inspect properties for link attach frames
  • PROTON-1083 - [C++] Simplify the messaging events
  • PROTON-1085 - c++ improve message interface and dynamic value handling
  • PROTON-1088 - Add convenience functions to obtain the client certificate fingerprint, subject subfields
  • PROTON-1089 - C++ binding link options
  • PROTON-1092 - c++: improve proton::message API
  • PROTON-1095 - Error handling
  • PROTON-1096 - [proton-j] enable set/get of MessageFormat on the Delivery being sent/received
  • PROTON-1102 - C++ binding remove _t suffix for types
  • PROTON-1103 - C++ binding rename xxx_domain to ssl_xxx_options
  • PROTON-1108 - Change DISCONNECT event to be called TRANSPORT_CLOSE, introduce TRANSPORT_ERROR event
  • PROTON-1109 - Improve the C++ binding documentation

Bugs fixed

  • PROTON-713 - TransportImpl#setChannelMax does not enforce legal value range, may cause unexpected results
  • PROTON-829 - Possible reference counting bug in pn_clear_tpwork
  • PROTON-949 - proton doesn't build with ccache swig
  • PROTON-995 - Url fails to parse URL
  • PROTON-1000 - Connection leak on heartbeat-timeouted connections
  • PROTON-1020 - Typos in the error messages
  • PROTON-1026 - Invalid queue/destination causes a segmentation fault
  • PROTON-1027 - Incorrectly handling of invalid addresses
  • PROTON-1031 - [python] Bump the module version to 0.11.0
  • PROTON-1035 - [proton-c] Python binding mishandles connection close event
  • PROTON-1040 - BlockingConnection fails to send heartbeats if timeout is None and no local idle time is specified
  • PROTON-1044 - Create/Delete of BlockingConnection leaks file descriptors
  • PROTON-1045 - Use of callbacks to handle accepted endpoints violates design goals.
  • PROTON-1049 - Reactor needs an alternative to using the URL to pass user authentication information.
  • PROTON-1055 - Username sent twice during SASL AUTH
  • PROTON-1056 - Attempting to print an ApplicationEvent raises a NameError
  • PROTON-1059 - ruby: ruby binding broken in 0.11 release and on master
  • PROTON-1060 - [Python Binding] API call types for some message properties do not match AMQP specification
  • PROTON-1065 - dbgheap.c assertion when adding types to message body (through proton::value)
  • PROTON-1067 - python messenger: cannot acknowledge messages, messenger forces auto-ack or pre-settled.
  • PROTON-1069 - Windows schannel ssl hang in shutdown sequence
  • PROTON-1074 - C++ cbinding SSL core dump
  • PROTON-1075 - Data races detected in go_test_electron
  • PROTON-1077 - receiver link and transport view of credit can become disjoint when sending link sends flow frames
  • PROTON-1080 - have container attribute on any relevant event
  • PROTON-1090 - BlockingConnection client spins at 100% cpu on reconnect
  • PROTON-1093 - [proton-c++] pragma to hide a warning in GCC introduces a warning in Windows
  • PROTON-1100 - [proton-j] the transport should not emit other frames before the Open frame has been sent
  • PROTON-1101 - Proton build broken on Visual Studio 10
  • PROTON-1104 - reactor hangs on reconnect
  • PROTON-1105 - enable EventImpl#getTransport() to succeed in more situations
  • PROTON-1107 - [proton-j] only create the attachments Record on a Delivery if it actually gets used
  • PROTON-1110 - [proton-j] allow suppressing the synthentic flow event when sending transfers
  • PROTON-1114 - [proton-j] the transport should not emit other frames after the Close frame has been sent
  • PROTON-1116 - Potential infinite recursion detected by VC++14 compiler
  • PROTON-1118 - python build fails if run from git repo
  • PROTON-1120 - Memory leak using proton.utils
  • PROTON-1121 - Zero pointer derefence in pn_sasl_allowed_mechs()
  • PROTON-1123 - cmake fails under python3 when -DSYSINSTALL_BINDINGS=ON
  • PROTON-1125 - c++: core dump on empty address in link options
  • PROTON-1127 - [Windows] qpid-proton-cpp.dll not installed by "make install" target


  • PROTON-973 - various javadoc errors when building with Java 8
  • PROTON-1084 - [cpp binding] Add message annotation support
  • PROTON-1113 - tidy up some descriptive detail around running the python tests