Qpid Proton C++ API  0.12.2
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 oNioIO using sockets, file descriptors, or handles
 |oCguardUse to call io::initialize and io::finalize around a scope
 |oClistenerListening socket
 |\Csocket_engineA connection_engine for socket-based IO
 oCacceptorA context for accepting inbound connections
 oCannotation_keyA key for use with AMQP annotation maps
 oCconditionDescribes an endpoint error state
 oCconnectionA connection to a remote AMQP peer
 oCconnection_engineAn interface for connection-oriented IO integration
 oCconnection_optionsOptions for creating a connection
 oCcontainerA top-level container of connections, sessions, and links
 oCdeliveryA message transfer
 oCdurationA span of time in milliseconds
 oCendpointThe base class for session, connection, and link
 oCerrorThe base proton error
 oCtimeout_errorRaised if a timeout expires
 oCeventA context for a proton event
 oChandlerCallback functions for handling proton events
 oClink_optionsOptions for creating a link
 oCmessageAn AMQP message
 oCmessage_idAn AMQP message ID
 oCreceiverA link for receiving messages
 oCsaslSASL information
 oCscalarA holder for an instance of any scalar AMQP type
 oCsenderA link for sending messages
 oCsessionA container of links
 oCsslSSL information
 oCssl_server_optionsSSL configuration for inbound connections
 oCssl_client_optionsSSL configuration for outbound connections
 oCterminusOne end of a link, either a source or a target
 oCtransportA network layer supporting an AMQP connection
 oCurl_errorRaised if URL parsing fails
 oCurlA proton URL
 \CvalueA holder for an AMQP value