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Qpid Proton 0.13.0 Release Notes

Proton is a high-performance, lightweight messaging library. More about Qpid Proton.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • PROTON-250 - Add -fvisibility option when building shared libraries
  • PROTON-1046 - C++ multi-threaded broker example
  • PROTON-1094 - c++: refactor and documentation of type conversions
  • PROTON-1111 - Fix warnings during make doc
  • PROTON-1117 - Add link.detach method to C++ binding
  • PROTON-1119 - C++ ssl_domain tracking uses unnecessary heap allocations
  • PROTON-1138 - Assorted C++ API cleanups
  • PROTON-1141 - Update JUnit Dependency and fix some warnings in the tests.
  • PROTON-1142 - Remove proton-dump executable
  • PROTON-1143 - Bump Minimum version of CMake to 2.8.7
  • PROTON-1145 - Move the python shim code to the test module where it is used.
  • PROTON-1147 - Add OSGi bundle metadata to the proton-j jar manifest
  • PROTON-1151 - [C++ binding] Move exposed implementation details into proton::internal namespace
  • PROTON-1152 - [C++ binding] Make sure non API details in classes are private
  • PROTON-1153 - [C++ binding] Tidy up various details
  • PROTON-1161 - c++: better interface to connection_engine.
  • PROTON-1178 - [C++ binding] Rearrange delivery class
  • PROTON-1180 - [C++ binding] Change endpoint API
  • PROTON-1182 - C++ binding: replace use of link with use of sender and receiver
  • PROTON-1183 - C++ binding: deemphasize proton::terminus
  • PROTON-1184 - c++: Merge the controller and container interfaces.
  • PROTON-1186 - [C++ binding] Remove proton::url from core API
  • PROTON-1187 - consistent options for endpoints
  • PROTON-1191 - [C++ binding] Tidy up some exposed enum details
  • PROTON-1194 - C++ flow control
  • PROTON-1195 - [C++ binding] Don't use default parameters in ABI relevant places
  • PROTON-1196 - Move connection options accessors from transport object to connection object
  • PROTON-1197 - Ensure that private members don't have exported symbols
  • PROTON-1198 - Add senders/receivers range constructors to connection
  • PROTON-1200 - Improve the C++ binding documentation, round two
  • PROTON-1203 - Improve header file usage consistency

Bugs fixed

  • PROTON-405 - [proton-c] Windows install fails to find proton-api.jar file
  • PROTON-629 - Can't include proton-c header files in c-only applications in visual studio
  • PROTON-988 - pn_messenger_set_flags does not support new SASL flag correctly
  • PROTON-992 - Proton's use of Cyrus SASL is not thread-safe - short term fix
  • PROTON-1041 - Add recurring timer example to the reactive C++ documentation
  • PROTON-1115 - c++: memory leak in ssl examples
  • PROTON-1122 - c++ fix issues raised by coverity
  • PROTON-1124 - Small problems detected by Coverity scanner
  • PROTON-1126 - Allow setting connection properties in BlockingConnection
  • PROTON-1128 - [C++ binding] Symbol exports use wrong directive for proton::condition
  • PROTON-1129 - C++ binding test failure with older python
  • PROTON-1133 - Proton C includes port number in AMQP Open hostname
  • PROTON-1135 - [proton-c] dont pipeline SASL and OPEN frames for ANONYMOUS logins by default
  • PROTON-1144 - IPv6 addresses could be truncated by the accept code
  • PROTON-1146 - [proton-j] fixes for issues identified by Coverity
  • PROTON-1150 - Python fails to use environment settings
  • PROTON-1171 - [proton-j] transport SSL wrapper does not flush all decoded bytes to the underlying input
  • PROTON-1190 - [proton-j] Transport can emit erroneous Attach frames before session Begin and after session End frames
  • PROTON-1193 - Proton-c uses getaddrinfo/socket calls incorrectly
  • PROTON-1202 - The python setup script should only extract the C sources from the dist tar
  • PROTON-1208 - CMake install target doesn't install correct files
  • PROTON-1211 - C++ binding exception in message::correlation_id()
  • PROTON-1212 - pn_unique_ptr operator ! returns the opposite result
  • PROTON-1216 - c++: proton::coerce<std::string>() should allow conversion from binary.
  • PROTON-1217 - Sporadic memory leak in C++ container_test
  • PROTON-1218 - Fix errors in vhost handling
  • PROTON-1219 - C Reactor sender/receiver examples leak like a sieve and fails to build on windows
  • PROTON-1225 - c++: taking address of element 0 of an empty string or vector
  • PROTON-1226 - Handler not set on inbound connection


  • PROTON-1188 - remove the 'contrib/proton-jms' module
  • PROTON-1189 - remove the 'contrib/proton-hawtdispatch' module