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Qpid Proton 0.14.0 Release Notes

Proton is a high-performance, lightweight messaging library. More about Qpid Proton.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • PROTON-1164 - Update handlers to align with current proposal
  • PROTON-1179 - [C++ binding] Rework condition class
  • PROTON-1205 - c++: Replace default arguments with multiple overloads in container API
  • PROTON-1214 - Implement a common machinery for caching property maps.
  • PROTON-1215 - Move codec::data class to internal namespace
  • PROTON-1229 - Document and test virtual_host option
  • PROTON-1232 - Improve implementation of default_container
  • PROTON-1237 - C connection_engine interface and libuv example driver.
  • PROTON-1244 - Add user & password connection_options
  • PROTON-1252 - Improve the error reporting for errors generated by Cyrus SASL
  • PROTON-1263 - c++ add proton::to_string for value and scalar types
  • PROTON-1267 - Service Bus example
  • PROTON-1269 - Add remaining handlers
  • PROTON-1270 - Add extra convenience overloads for container::open_sender & container::open_receiver

Bugs fixed

  • PROTON-1165 - qpid proton cpp binding posix/io.cpp tests wrong error condition
  • PROTON-1199 - A soft link within the Go subdirectory causes fatal sandbox errors
  • PROTON-1220 - C examples builds without enabling warnings
  • PROTON-1221 - c++: new container interface lacks scheduled timer events
  • PROTON-1222 - Some bugs spotted by coverity
  • PROTON-1223 - Windows connection errors are cryptic.
  • PROTON-1230 - cpp_container_example_test fails due to /etc/sasl2/proton-server.conf configuration
  • PROTON-1231 - python: proton.utils.BlockingConnection hides disconnect error info
  • PROTON-1239 - There is no way to query proton::connection for user
  • PROTON-1240 - proton::connection::virtual_host not filled in on server side.
  • PROTON-1241 - proton::messaging_handler is not copyable (because it contains a pn_unique_ptr)
  • PROTON-1243 - Calling proton::container::stop() from within event handler causes infinite recursion
  • PROTON-1246 - Compile without warnings under clang++ 3.8
  • PROTON-1256 - Proton-c is very lax about allowing amqp and ssl protocol layers
  • PROTON-1257 - c++ cached_map core dump on assignment
  • PROTON-1258 - No transport_close event is generated on the listening side of the connection
  • PROTON-1265 - Testing with python 3 is broken
  • PROTON-1268 - When running tox tests directly, there are unnecessary failures
  • PROTON-1272 - C++ examples test won't run on Python 2.6
  • PROTON-1279 - Build of C++ binding fails on FreeBSD because of unreachable code warning
  • PROTON-1280 - Messenger python tests fail on FreeBSD because of bad assumption
  • PROTON-1281 - Odd link error when optimisation level is -O2 or -O3 when compiling with libc++ (clang C++ library)