Qpid Proton C API  0.16.0
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 o*codec.hAMQP data encoding and decoding.
 o*condition.hAn endpoint error state.
 o*connection.hA channel for communication between two peers on a network.
 o*connection_driver.hExperimental - Low-level IO integration
 o*delivery.hA message transfer.
 o*disposition.hDelivery state
 o*error.hA Proton API error.
 o*event.hProtocol and transport events.
 o*link.hA channel for transferring messages.
 o*listener.hExperimental - A listener for incoming connections for the Proactor
 o*message.hA mutable holder of application content.
 o*messenger.hDeprecated - The Messenger API
 o*proactor.hExperimental - Multithreaded IO
 o*sasl.hSASL secure transport layer.
 o*session.hA container of links.
 o*ssl.hSSL secure transport layer.
 o*terminus.hA source or target for messages.
 o*transport.hA network channel supporting an AMQP connection.
 o*types.hAMQP and API data types.
 o*url.hDeprecated - A URL parser