Qpid Proton C++ API  0.16.0
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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\NprotonThe main Proton namespace
 oNcodecExperimental - AMQP data encoding and decoding
 |oCstartExperimental - Start encoding a complex type
 |oCfinishExperimental - Finish inserting or extracting a complex type
 |oCdecoderExperimental - Stream-like decoder from AMQP bytes to C++ values
 |\CencoderExperimental - Stream-like encoder from C++ values to AMQP bytes
 oNioExperimental - An SPI for multithreaded network IO
 |oCmutable_bufferExperimental - Pointer to a mutable memory region with a size
 |oCconst_bufferExperimental - Pointer to a const memory region with a size
 |oCconnection_driverExperimental - An AMQP driver for a single connection
 |oCcontainer_impl_baseExperimental - A base container implementation
 |\Clink_namerExperimental - Generate default link names that are unique within a container
 oCannotation_keyA key for use with AMQP annotation maps
 oCbinaryArbitrary binary data
 oCbyte_arrayArbitrary fixed-size data
 oCconnectionA connection to a remote AMQP peer
 oCconnection_optionsOptions for creating a connection
 oCcontainerA top-level container of connections, sessions, senders, and receivers
 oCdecimal3232-bit decimal floating point
 oCdecimal6464-bit decimal floating point
 oCdecimal128128-bit decimal floating point
 oCdeliveryA received message
 oCdelivery_modeThe message delivery policy to establish when opening a link
 oCdurationA span of time in milliseconds
 oCendpointThe base class for session, connection, and link
 oCerrorThe base Proton error
 oCtimeout_errorAn operation timed out
 oCconversion_errorAn error converting between AMQP and C++ data
 oCerror_conditionDescribes an endpoint error state
 oCevent_loopExperimental - A serial execution context
 oCvoid_function0A C++03 compatible void no-argument callback function object
 oCthread_safeExperimental - A thread-safe object wrapper
 oClinkA named channel for sending or receiving messages
 oClisten_handlerExperimental - A handler for incoming connections
 oClistenerA listener for incoming connections
 oCmessageAn AMQP message
 |oCannotation_mapExperimental - A map of AMQP annotation keys and AMQP values
 |\Cproperty_mapExperimental - A map of string keys and AMQP scalar values
 oCmessage_idAn AMQP message ID
 oCmessaging_handlerA handler for Proton messaging events
 oCreceiverA channel for receiving messages
 oCreceiver_optionsOptions for creating a receiver
 oCsaslSASL information
 oCscalarA holder for an instance of any scalar AMQP type
 oCscalar_baseBase class for scalar types
 oCsenderA channel for sending messages
 oCsender_optionsOptions for creating a sender
 oCsessionA container of senders and receivers
 oCsession_optionsOptions for creating a session
 oCsourceA point of origin for messages
 |\Cfilter_mapExperimental - A map of AMQP symbol keys and filter specifiers
 oCsource_optionsOptions for creating a source node for a sender or receiver
 oCsslSSL information
 oCssl_certificateExperimental - An SSL certificate
 oCssl_server_optionsExperimental - SSL configuration for inbound connections
 oCssl_client_optionsExperimental - SSL configuration for outbound connections
 oCsymbolA std::string that represents the AMQP symbol type
 oCtargetA destination for messages
 oCtarget_optionsOptions for creating a target node for a sender or receiver
 oCterminusOne end of a link, either a source or a target
 oCtimestampA 64-bit timestamp in milliseconds since the Unix epoch
 oCtrackerA tracker for a sent message
 oCtransferThe base class for delivery and tracker
 oCtransportA network channel supporting an AMQP connection
 oCurl_errorAn error encountered during URL parsing
 oCurlA URL parser
 oCuuidA 16-byte universally unique identifier
 \CvalueA holder for any AMQP value, simple or complex