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Qpid Proton 0.16.0 Release Notes

Proton is a high-performance, lightweight messaging library. More about Qpid Proton.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • PROTON-721 - [proton-j] expose ability to operate on Link capabilities
  • PROTON-722 - [proton-j] expose ability to operate on Session capabilities and properties
  • PROTON-1309 - Add the ability to set the outgoing message window to electron interface
  • PROTON-1314 - Fixing SIGPIPE ignore on Solaris OS
  • PROTON-1315 - Force compilation in multi-threading mode for Solaris SunStudio
  • PROTON-1316 - Add a way to set visibility of exportable symbols on Solaris
  • PROTON-1317 - Add template parameter because SunStudio 12.1 doesn't handle templated method signature detection when using an "extern c" parameter
  • PROTON-1318 - Replace variadic constructror of "sfinae::wildcard" with template for SunStudio
  • PROTON-1319 - [SunStudio] Move internal header files of cpp bindings from src to their own directory
  • PROTON-1320 - Add namespace prefix to srand and rand
  • PROTON-1322 - Fix Sunstudio unable to find templated method when parameter can be constructed by an intermediate class (proton::scalar --> proton::value)
  • PROTON-1327 - Go binding should not use any proton-c handlers
  • PROTON-1337 - [proton-j] Add methods and Sender and Receiver that allow for alternate buffer types
  • PROTON-1338 - Go: make binding compatible with older C libraries, update go get
  • PROTON-1344 - Provide C "proactor" API for multi-threaded proton applications
  • PROTON-1351 - Introduce proton core library
  • PROTON-1352 - Trivial casting from UnsignedByte to ReceiverSettleMode and SenderSettleMode
  • PROTON-1353 - Adding message annotations on toString for Message implementation class
  • PROTON-1355 - Allow controlling peer_hostname independently of connection url
  • PROTON-1363 - Remove unecessary and unused stuff from the C++ binding
  • PROTON-1373 - Clean up C++ API docs

Bugs fixed

  • PROTON-241 - proton-c: mark old transport interfaces 'deprecated'
  • PROTON-623 - Add missing error check to pn_string_inspect
  • PROTON-1012 - Unable to build python-qpid-proton when behind a proxy server
  • PROTON-1292 - errno not thread-safe on Solaris
  • PROTON-1311 - [proton-c] Accessors for max-message-size on link
  • PROTON-1324 - Interpretation of "int8_t" on Solaris using SunStudio is different from GCC one
  • PROTON-1325 - Python "buffer" type in Message body should map to a known encoding type
  • PROTON-1330 - Include the C sources in the python source distribution
  • PROTON-1331 - go: electron.Container.Dial returning (nil, nil)
  • PROTON-1332 - go: electron client leaking links/sessions in long lived connection
  • PROTON-1333 - CMake error if no C++ compiler avaliable.
  • PROTON-1336 - [Proton-c 0.14.0][Visual Studio 2013] Failing ssl unit test only in Debug mode
  • PROTON-1346 - [proton-j] reactor exit when UnresolvedAddressException is thrown during connect
  • PROTON-1366 - Reactor Python - segfault when out of file descriptors
  • PROTON-1371 - proton::container::schedule crashes when mixing different language versions
  • PROTON-1372 - Use PIMPL, not an interface, for event_loop