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url.h File Reference

Deprecated - A URL parser More...

#include <proton/import_export.h>

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typedef struct pn_url_t pn_url_t
 A parsed URL.


pn_url_tpn_url (void)
 Create an empty URL.
pn_url_tpn_url_parse (const char *url)
 Parse a string URL as a pn_url_t. More...
void pn_url_free (pn_url_t *url)
 Free a URL.
void pn_url_clear (pn_url_t *url)
 Clear the contents of the URL.
const char * pn_url_str (pn_url_t *url)
 Return the string form of a URL. More...
Getters for parts of the URL.

Values belong to the URL.

May return NULL if the value is not set.

const char * pn_url_get_scheme (pn_url_t *url)
const char * pn_url_get_username (pn_url_t *url)
const char * pn_url_get_password (pn_url_t *url)
const char * pn_url_get_host (pn_url_t *url)
const char * pn_url_get_port (pn_url_t *url)
const char * pn_url_get_path (pn_url_t *url)
Setters for parts of the URL.

Values are copied.

Value can be NULL to indicate the part is not set.

void pn_url_set_scheme (pn_url_t *url, const char *scheme)
void pn_url_set_username (pn_url_t *url, const char *username)
void pn_url_set_password (pn_url_t *url, const char *password)
void pn_url_set_host (pn_url_t *url, const char *host)
void pn_url_set_port (pn_url_t *url, const char *port)
void pn_url_set_path (pn_url_t *url, const char *path)

Detailed Description

Deprecated - A URL parser