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Qpid Proton 0.17.0 Release Notes

Proton is a high-performance, lightweight messaging library. More about Qpid Proton.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

Bugs fixed

  • PROTON-1312 - BlockingConnection leaks Proton-C memory
  • PROTON-1376 - [C, windows] Release 0.16 build fail - src/protocol.h clobbered
  • PROTON-1377 - proton-c core library was not installed
  • PROTON-1378 - Two reactor final events generated
  • PROTON-1379 - Compile without warnings under g++ 7.0
  • PROTON-1380 - Cyrus SASL accesses strings that have been freed
  • PROTON-1382 - Remove bit fields initialization for bool fields
  • PROTON-1383 - Add missing includes to fix Solaris compilation
  • PROTON-1388 - client fails to decrypt after sasl encryption is negotiated with qpidd
  • PROTON-1389 - PROTON-1325: Repair broken fix for python "buffer" type.
  • PROTON-1390 - Go fixes to build with gccgo
  • PROTON-1391 - Passing NULL as a SASL selected mechanism is crashing pn_do_error on Solaris
  • PROTON-1392 - SWIG doesn't define how to export symbols on Solaris
  • PROTON-1395 - go: testing with -race fails on some platforms