Qpid Proton C++ API  0.21.0
value Member List

This is the complete list of members for value, including all inherited members.

coerce(const value &v)valuerelated
coerce(const value &v, T &x)valuerelated
empty() constvalue
get(const value &v)valuerelated
get(const value &v, T &x)valuerelated
get(const U &u, T &x)valuerelated
operator< (defined in value)valuefriend
operator<<(std::ostream &, const value &)valuefriend
operator=(const value &) (defined in value)value
operator=(value &&) (defined in value)value
operator=(const T &x)valueinline
operator== (defined in value)valuefriend
swap(value &, value &)valuefriend
type() constvalue
value(const value &) (defined in value)value
value(value &&) (defined in value)value
value(const T &x, typename assignable< T >::type *=0)valueinline