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Class BlockingConnection

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A synchronous style connection wrapper.

This object's implementation uses OS resources. To ensure they are released when the object is no longer in use, make sure that object operations are enclosed in a try block and that close() is always executed on exit.

Instance Methods
__init__(self, url, timeout=None, container=None, ssl_domain=None, heartbeat=None, **kwargs) source code
create_sender(self, address, handler=None, name=None, options=None) source code
create_receiver(self, address, credit=None, dynamic=False, handler=None, name=None, options=None) source code
close(self) source code
Hand control over to the event loop (e.g.
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wait(self, condition, timeout=False, msg=None)
Call process until condition() is true
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on_link_remote_close(self, event) source code
on_connection_remote_close(self, event) source code
on_transport_tail_closed(self, event) source code
on_transport_head_closed(self, event) source code
on_transport_closed(self, event) source code

Inherited from Handler: on_unhandled

Class Variables

Inherited from Handler: handlers

Method Details

__init__(self, url, timeout=None, container=None, ssl_domain=None, heartbeat=None, **kwargs)

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Overrides: object.__init__
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Hand control over to the event loop (e.g. if waiting indefinitely for incoming messages)