Package proton :: Module _handlers :: Class IncomingMessageHandler
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type IncomingMessageHandler

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Known Subclasses:

A utility for simpler and more intuitive handling of delivery events related to incoming i.e. received messages.

Instance Methods
__init__(self, auto_accept=True, delegate=None) source code
on_delivery(self, event) source code
on_message(self, event)
Called when a message is received.
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on_settled(self, event) source code
on_aborted(self, event) source code

Inherited from _events.Handler: add, handlers, on_unhandled

Inherited from Acking: accept, reject, release, settle

Method Details

__init__(self, auto_accept=True, delegate=None)

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Overrides: object.__init__
(inherited documentation)

on_message(self, event)

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Called when a message is received. The message itself can be obtained as a property on the event. For the purpose of referring to this message in further actions (e.g. if explicitly accepting it, the ``delivery`` should be used, also obtainable via a property on the event.