Qpid Proton C++ API  0.33.0

A listener for incoming connections. More...

#include <listener.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 listener ()
 Create an empty listener.
 listener (const listener &)
 Copy a listener.
listeneroperator= (const listener &)
 Copy a listener.
void stop ()
 Stop listening on the address provided to the call to container::listen that returned this listener.
int port ()
 Unsettedled API More...
class containercontainer () const
 Unsettedled API More...


class container

Detailed Description

A listener for incoming connections.

broker.cpp, direct_recv.cpp, direct_send.cpp, and server_direct.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ port()

int port ( )

Unsettedled API

Return the port used by the listener. If port 0 was passed to container::listen, this will be a dynamically allocated port.

proton::errorif the listener does not have a port
direct_recv.cpp, direct_send.cpp, and server_direct.cpp.

◆ container()

class container& container ( ) const

Unsettedled API

Get the container.

proton::errorif this listener is not managed by a container.

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