C AMQP Protocol Engine API  0.6
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engine.h File Reference
#include <proton/import_export.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <proton/codec.h>
#include <proton/error.h>
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struct  pn_delivery_tag_t


#define PN_LOCAL_UNINIT   (1)
#define PN_LOCAL_ACTIVE   (2)
#define PN_LOCAL_CLOSED   (4)
#define PN_REMOTE_UNINIT   (8)
#define PN_REMOTE_ACTIVE   (16)
#define PN_REMOTE_CLOSED   (32)
#define PN_RECEIVED   (0x0000000000000023)
#define PN_ACCEPTED   (0x0000000000000024)
#define PN_REJECTED   (0x0000000000000025)
#define PN_RELEASED   (0x0000000000000026)
#define PN_MODIFIED   (0x0000000000000027)
#define PN_TRACE_OFF   (0)
#define PN_TRACE_RAW   (1)
#define PN_TRACE_FRM   (2)
#define PN_TRACE_DRV   (4)


typedef struct pn_transport_t pn_transport_t
typedef struct pn_connection_t pn_connection_t
typedef struct pn_session_t pn_session_t
typedef struct pn_link_t pn_link_t
typedef struct pn_terminus_t pn_terminus_t
typedef struct pn_condition_t pn_condition_t
typedef struct pn_disposition_t pn_disposition_t
typedef struct pn_delivery_t pn_delivery_t
typedef struct pn_delivery_tag_t pn_delivery_tag_t
typedef int pn_state_t
typedef int pn_trace_t
typedef void( pn_tracer_t )(pn_transport_t *transport, const char *message)


enum  pn_terminus_type_t { PN_UNSPECIFIED = 0, PN_SOURCE = 1, PN_TARGET = 2, PN_COORDINATOR = 3 }
enum  pn_durability_t { PN_NONDURABLE = 0, PN_CONFIGURATION = 1, PN_DELIVERIES = 2 }
enum  pn_snd_settle_mode_t { PN_SND_UNSETTLED = 0, PN_SND_SETTLED = 1, PN_SND_MIXED = 2 }
enum  pn_rcv_settle_mode_t { PN_RCV_FIRST = 0, PN_RCV_SECOND = 1 }


PN_EXTERN pn_connection_tpn_connection (void)
PN_EXTERN pn_state_t pn_connection_state (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_error_tpn_connection_error (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN const char * pn_connection_get_container (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN void pn_connection_set_container (pn_connection_t *connection, const char *container)
PN_EXTERN const char * pn_connection_get_hostname (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN void pn_connection_set_hostname (pn_connection_t *connection, const char *hostname)
PN_EXTERN const char * pn_connection_remote_container (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN const char * pn_connection_remote_hostname (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_connection_offered_capabilities (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_connection_desired_capabilities (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_connection_properties (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_connection_remote_offered_capabilities (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_connection_remote_desired_capabilities (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_connection_remote_properties (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_delivery_tpn_work_head (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_delivery_tpn_work_next (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN pn_session_tpn_session (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN size_t pn_session_get_incoming_capacity (pn_session_t *ssn)
PN_EXTERN void pn_session_set_incoming_capacity (pn_session_t *ssn, size_t capacity)
PN_EXTERN size_t pn_session_outgoing_bytes (pn_session_t *ssn)
PN_EXTERN size_t pn_session_incoming_bytes (pn_session_t *ssn)
PN_EXTERN pn_transport_tpn_transport (void)
PN_EXTERN int pn_transport_bind (pn_transport_t *transport, pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN int pn_transport_unbind (pn_transport_t *transport)
PN_EXTERN pn_session_tpn_session_head (pn_connection_t *connection, pn_state_t state)
PN_EXTERN pn_session_tpn_session_next (pn_session_t *session, pn_state_t state)
PN_EXTERN pn_link_tpn_link_head (pn_connection_t *connection, pn_state_t state)
PN_EXTERN pn_link_tpn_link_next (pn_link_t *link, pn_state_t state)
PN_EXTERN void pn_connection_reset (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN void pn_connection_open (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN void pn_connection_close (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN void pn_connection_free (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN void * pn_connection_get_context (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN void pn_connection_set_context (pn_connection_t *connection, void *context)
PN_EXTERN pn_error_tpn_transport_error (pn_transport_t *transport)
PN_EXTERN ssize_t pn_transport_input (pn_transport_t *transport, const char *bytes, size_t available)
PN_EXTERN ssize_t pn_transport_output (pn_transport_t *transport, char *bytes, size_t size)
PN_EXTERN ssize_t pn_transport_capacity (pn_transport_t *transport)
PN_EXTERN char * pn_transport_tail (pn_transport_t *transport)
PN_EXTERN int pn_transport_push (pn_transport_t *transport, const char *src, size_t size)
PN_EXTERN int pn_transport_process (pn_transport_t *transport, size_t size)
PN_EXTERN int pn_transport_close_tail (pn_transport_t *transport)
PN_EXTERN ssize_t pn_transport_pending (pn_transport_t *transport)
PN_EXTERN const char * pn_transport_head (pn_transport_t *transport)
PN_EXTERN int pn_transport_peek (pn_transport_t *transport, char *dst, size_t size)
PN_EXTERN void pn_transport_pop (pn_transport_t *transport, size_t size)
PN_EXTERN int pn_transport_close_head (pn_transport_t *transport)
PN_EXTERN pn_timestamp_t pn_transport_tick (pn_transport_t *transport, pn_timestamp_t now)
PN_EXTERN void pn_transport_trace (pn_transport_t *transport, pn_trace_t trace)
PN_EXTERN void pn_transport_set_tracer (pn_transport_t *transport, pn_tracer_t *tracer)
PN_EXTERN pn_tracer_tpn_transport_get_tracer (pn_transport_t *transport)
PN_EXTERN void pn_transport_set_context (pn_transport_t *transport, void *context)
PN_EXTERN void * pn_transport_get_context (pn_transport_t *transport)
PN_EXTERN void pn_transport_log (pn_transport_t *transport, const char *message)
PN_EXTERN void pn_transport_logf (pn_transport_t *transport, const char *fmt,...)
PN_EXTERN uint32_t pn_transport_get_max_frame (pn_transport_t *transport)
PN_EXTERN void pn_transport_set_max_frame (pn_transport_t *transport, uint32_t size)
PN_EXTERN uint32_t pn_transport_get_remote_max_frame (pn_transport_t *transport)
PN_EXTERN pn_millis_t pn_transport_get_idle_timeout (pn_transport_t *transport)
PN_EXTERN void pn_transport_set_idle_timeout (pn_transport_t *transport, pn_millis_t timeout)
PN_EXTERN pn_millis_t pn_transport_get_remote_idle_timeout (pn_transport_t *transport)
PN_EXTERN uint64_t pn_transport_get_frames_output (const pn_transport_t *transport)
PN_EXTERN uint64_t pn_transport_get_frames_input (const pn_transport_t *transport)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_transport_quiesced (pn_transport_t *transport)
PN_EXTERN void pn_transport_free (pn_transport_t *transport)
PN_EXTERN pn_state_t pn_session_state (pn_session_t *session)
PN_EXTERN pn_error_tpn_session_error (pn_session_t *session)
PN_EXTERN pn_connection_tpn_session_connection (pn_session_t *session)
PN_EXTERN void pn_session_open (pn_session_t *session)
PN_EXTERN void pn_session_close (pn_session_t *session)
PN_EXTERN void pn_session_free (pn_session_t *session)
PN_EXTERN void * pn_session_get_context (pn_session_t *session)
PN_EXTERN void pn_session_set_context (pn_session_t *session, void *context)
PN_EXTERN pn_link_tpn_sender (pn_session_t *session, const char *name)
PN_EXTERN pn_link_tpn_receiver (pn_session_t *session, const char *name)
PN_EXTERN const char * pn_link_name (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_link_is_sender (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_link_is_receiver (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN pn_state_t pn_link_state (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN pn_error_tpn_link_error (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN pn_session_tpn_link_session (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN pn_terminus_tpn_link_source (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN pn_terminus_tpn_link_target (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN pn_terminus_tpn_link_remote_source (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN pn_terminus_tpn_link_remote_target (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN pn_delivery_tpn_link_current (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_link_advance (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN int pn_link_credit (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN int pn_link_queued (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN int pn_link_remote_credit (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN int pn_link_available (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN pn_snd_settle_mode_t pn_link_snd_settle_mode (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN pn_rcv_settle_mode_t pn_link_rcv_settle_mode (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN pn_snd_settle_mode_t pn_link_remote_snd_settle_mode (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN pn_rcv_settle_mode_t pn_link_remote_rcv_settle_mode (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_set_snd_settle_mode (pn_link_t *link, pn_snd_settle_mode_t)
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_set_rcv_settle_mode (pn_link_t *link, pn_rcv_settle_mode_t)
PN_EXTERN int pn_link_unsettled (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN pn_delivery_tpn_unsettled_head (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN pn_delivery_tpn_unsettled_next (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_open (pn_link_t *sender)
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_close (pn_link_t *sender)
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_free (pn_link_t *sender)
PN_EXTERN void * pn_link_get_context (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_set_context (pn_link_t *link, void *context)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_link_get_drain (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_offered (pn_link_t *sender, int credit)
PN_EXTERN ssize_t pn_link_send (pn_link_t *sender, const char *bytes, size_t n)
PN_EXTERN int pn_link_drained (pn_link_t *sender)
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_flow (pn_link_t *receiver, int credit)
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_drain (pn_link_t *receiver, int credit)
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_set_drain (pn_link_t *receiver, bool drain)
PN_EXTERN ssize_t pn_link_recv (pn_link_t *receiver, char *bytes, size_t n)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_link_draining (pn_link_t *receiver)
PN_EXTERN pn_terminus_type_t pn_terminus_get_type (pn_terminus_t *terminus)
PN_EXTERN int pn_terminus_set_type (pn_terminus_t *terminus, pn_terminus_type_t type)
PN_EXTERN const char * pn_terminus_get_address (pn_terminus_t *terminus)
PN_EXTERN int pn_terminus_set_address (pn_terminus_t *terminus, const char *address)
PN_EXTERN pn_durability_t pn_terminus_get_durability (pn_terminus_t *terminus)
PN_EXTERN int pn_terminus_set_durability (pn_terminus_t *terminus, pn_durability_t durability)
PN_EXTERN pn_expiry_policy_t pn_terminus_get_expiry_policy (pn_terminus_t *terminus)
PN_EXTERN int pn_terminus_set_expiry_policy (pn_terminus_t *terminus, pn_expiry_policy_t policy)
PN_EXTERN pn_seconds_t pn_terminus_get_timeout (pn_terminus_t *terminus)
PN_EXTERN int pn_terminus_set_timeout (pn_terminus_t *terminus, pn_seconds_t)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_terminus_is_dynamic (pn_terminus_t *terminus)
PN_EXTERN int pn_terminus_set_dynamic (pn_terminus_t *terminus, bool dynamic)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_terminus_properties (pn_terminus_t *terminus)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_terminus_capabilities (pn_terminus_t *terminus)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_terminus_outcomes (pn_terminus_t *terminus)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_terminus_filter (pn_terminus_t *terminus)
PN_EXTERN pn_distribution_mode_t pn_terminus_get_distribution_mode (const pn_terminus_t *terminus)
PN_EXTERN int pn_terminus_set_distribution_mode (pn_terminus_t *terminus, pn_distribution_mode_t m)
PN_EXTERN int pn_terminus_copy (pn_terminus_t *terminus, pn_terminus_t *src)
PN_EXTERN pn_delivery_tpn_delivery (pn_link_t *link, pn_delivery_tag_t tag)
PN_EXTERN pn_delivery_tag_t pn_delivery_tag (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN pn_link_tpn_delivery_link (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN pn_disposition_tpn_delivery_local (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN uint64_t pn_delivery_local_state (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN pn_disposition_tpn_delivery_remote (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN uint64_t pn_delivery_remote_state (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_delivery_settled (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN size_t pn_delivery_pending (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_delivery_partial (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_delivery_writable (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_delivery_readable (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_delivery_updated (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN void pn_delivery_update (pn_delivery_t *delivery, uint64_t state)
PN_EXTERN void pn_delivery_clear (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN void pn_delivery_settle (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN void pn_delivery_dump (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN void * pn_delivery_get_context (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN void pn_delivery_set_context (pn_delivery_t *delivery, void *context)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_delivery_buffered (pn_delivery_t *delivery)
PN_EXTERN uint64_t pn_disposition_type (pn_disposition_t *disposition)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_disposition_data (pn_disposition_t *disposition)
PN_EXTERN uint32_t pn_disposition_get_section_number (pn_disposition_t *disposition)
PN_EXTERN void pn_disposition_set_section_number (pn_disposition_t *disposition, uint32_t section_number)
PN_EXTERN uint64_t pn_disposition_get_section_offset (pn_disposition_t *disposition)
PN_EXTERN void pn_disposition_set_section_offset (pn_disposition_t *disposition, uint64_t section_offset)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_disposition_is_failed (pn_disposition_t *disposition)
PN_EXTERN void pn_disposition_set_failed (pn_disposition_t *disposition, bool failed)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_disposition_is_undeliverable (pn_disposition_t *disposition)
PN_EXTERN void pn_disposition_set_undeliverable (pn_disposition_t *disposition, bool undeliverable)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_disposition_annotations (pn_disposition_t *disposition)
PN_EXTERN pn_condition_tpn_connection_condition (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_condition_tpn_connection_remote_condition (pn_connection_t *connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_condition_tpn_session_condition (pn_session_t *session)
PN_EXTERN pn_condition_tpn_session_remote_condition (pn_session_t *session)
PN_EXTERN pn_condition_tpn_link_condition (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN pn_condition_tpn_link_remote_condition (pn_link_t *link)
PN_EXTERN pn_condition_tpn_disposition_condition (pn_disposition_t *disposition)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_condition_is_set (pn_condition_t *condition)
PN_EXTERN void pn_condition_clear (pn_condition_t *condition)
PN_EXTERN const char * pn_condition_get_name (pn_condition_t *condition)
PN_EXTERN int pn_condition_set_name (pn_condition_t *condition, const char *name)
PN_EXTERN const char * pn_condition_get_description (pn_condition_t *condition)
PN_EXTERN int pn_condition_set_description (pn_condition_t *condition, const char *description)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_condition_info (pn_condition_t *condition)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_condition_is_redirect (pn_condition_t *condition)
PN_EXTERN const char * pn_condition_redirect_host (pn_condition_t *condition)
PN_EXTERN int pn_condition_redirect_port (pn_condition_t *condition)

Detailed Description

API for the proton Engine.


Macro Definition Documentation

#define PN_ACCEPTED   (0x0000000000000024)
#define PN_LOCAL_ACTIVE   (2)

local endpoint is active

#define PN_LOCAL_CLOSED   (4)

local endpoint is closed

#define PN_LOCAL_UNINIT   (1)

local endpoint requires initialization

#define PN_MODIFIED   (0x0000000000000027)
#define PN_RECEIVED   (0x0000000000000023)

The state/outcome of a message transfer.

document each value
#define PN_REJECTED   (0x0000000000000025)
#define PN_RELEASED   (0x0000000000000026)
#define PN_REMOTE_ACTIVE   (16)

remote endpoint is active

#define PN_REMOTE_CLOSED   (32)

remote endpoint has closed

#define PN_REMOTE_UNINIT   (8)

remote endpoint pending initialization by peer

#define PN_TRACE_DRV   (4)
#define PN_TRACE_FRM   (2)
#define PN_TRACE_OFF   (0)
#define PN_TRACE_RAW   (1)

Typedef Documentation


typedef struct pn_delivery_t pn_delivery_t
typedef struct pn_link_t pn_link_t


typedef struct pn_session_t pn_session_t


typedef int pn_state_t

encodes the state of an endpoint

typedef struct pn_terminus_t pn_terminus_t
typedef int pn_trace_t
typedef void( pn_tracer_t)(pn_transport_t *transport, const char *message)

Enumeration Type Documentation


implicitly settle rcvd xfers


explicit disposition required


Function Documentation

PN_EXTERN void pn_condition_clear ( pn_condition_t condition)
PN_EXTERN const char* pn_condition_get_description ( pn_condition_t condition)
PN_EXTERN const char* pn_condition_get_name ( pn_condition_t condition)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_t* pn_condition_info ( pn_condition_t condition)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_condition_is_redirect ( pn_condition_t condition)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_condition_is_set ( pn_condition_t condition)
PN_EXTERN const char* pn_condition_redirect_host ( pn_condition_t condition)
PN_EXTERN int pn_condition_redirect_port ( pn_condition_t condition)
PN_EXTERN int pn_condition_set_description ( pn_condition_t condition,
const char *  description 
PN_EXTERN int pn_condition_set_name ( pn_condition_t condition,
const char *  name 
PN_EXTERN pn_connection_t* pn_connection ( void  )

Factory to construct a new Connection.

pointer to a new connection object.
PN_EXTERN void pn_connection_close ( pn_connection_t connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_condition_t* pn_connection_condition ( pn_connection_t connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_t* pn_connection_desired_capabilities ( pn_connection_t connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_error_t* pn_connection_error ( pn_connection_t connection)
: needs documentation
PN_EXTERN void pn_connection_free ( pn_connection_t connection)
PN_EXTERN const char* pn_connection_get_container ( pn_connection_t connection)
: needs documentation
PN_EXTERN void* pn_connection_get_context ( pn_connection_t connection)

Access the application context that is associated with the connection.

[in]connectionthe connection whose context is to be returned.
the application context that was passed to pn_connection_set_context()
PN_EXTERN const char* pn_connection_get_hostname ( pn_connection_t connection)
: needs documentation
PN_EXTERN pn_data_t* pn_connection_offered_capabilities ( pn_connection_t connection)
PN_EXTERN void pn_connection_open ( pn_connection_t connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_t* pn_connection_properties ( pn_connection_t connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_condition_t* pn_connection_remote_condition ( pn_connection_t connection)
PN_EXTERN const char* pn_connection_remote_container ( pn_connection_t connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_t* pn_connection_remote_desired_capabilities ( pn_connection_t connection)
PN_EXTERN const char* pn_connection_remote_hostname ( pn_connection_t connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_t* pn_connection_remote_offered_capabilities ( pn_connection_t connection)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_t* pn_connection_remote_properties ( pn_connection_t connection)
PN_EXTERN void pn_connection_reset ( pn_connection_t connection)
PN_EXTERN void pn_connection_set_container ( pn_connection_t connection,
const char *  container 
: needs documentation
PN_EXTERN void pn_connection_set_context ( pn_connection_t connection,
void *  context 

Assign a new application context to the connection.

[in]connectionthe connection which will hold the context.
[in]contextnew application context to associate with the connection
PN_EXTERN void pn_connection_set_hostname ( pn_connection_t connection,
const char *  hostname 
: needs documentation
PN_EXTERN pn_state_t pn_connection_state ( pn_connection_t connection)

Retrieve the state of the connection.

[in]connectionthe connection
the connection's state flags
PN_EXTERN pn_delivery_t* pn_delivery ( pn_link_t link,
pn_delivery_tag_t  tag 
PN_EXTERN bool pn_delivery_buffered ( pn_delivery_t delivery)
PN_EXTERN void pn_delivery_clear ( pn_delivery_t delivery)
PN_EXTERN void pn_delivery_dump ( pn_delivery_t delivery)
PN_EXTERN void* pn_delivery_get_context ( pn_delivery_t delivery)
PN_EXTERN pn_link_t* pn_delivery_link ( pn_delivery_t delivery)
PN_EXTERN pn_disposition_t* pn_delivery_local ( pn_delivery_t delivery)
PN_EXTERN uint64_t pn_delivery_local_state ( pn_delivery_t delivery)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_delivery_partial ( pn_delivery_t delivery)
PN_EXTERN size_t pn_delivery_pending ( pn_delivery_t delivery)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_delivery_readable ( pn_delivery_t delivery)
PN_EXTERN pn_disposition_t* pn_delivery_remote ( pn_delivery_t delivery)
PN_EXTERN uint64_t pn_delivery_remote_state ( pn_delivery_t delivery)
PN_EXTERN void pn_delivery_set_context ( pn_delivery_t delivery,
void *  context 
PN_EXTERN void pn_delivery_settle ( pn_delivery_t delivery)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_delivery_settled ( pn_delivery_t delivery)
PN_EXTERN pn_delivery_tag_t pn_delivery_tag ( pn_delivery_t delivery)
PN_EXTERN void pn_delivery_update ( pn_delivery_t delivery,
uint64_t  state 
PN_EXTERN bool pn_delivery_updated ( pn_delivery_t delivery)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_delivery_writable ( pn_delivery_t delivery)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_t* pn_disposition_annotations ( pn_disposition_t disposition)
PN_EXTERN pn_condition_t* pn_disposition_condition ( pn_disposition_t disposition)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_t* pn_disposition_data ( pn_disposition_t disposition)
PN_EXTERN uint32_t pn_disposition_get_section_number ( pn_disposition_t disposition)
PN_EXTERN uint64_t pn_disposition_get_section_offset ( pn_disposition_t disposition)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_disposition_is_failed ( pn_disposition_t disposition)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_disposition_is_undeliverable ( pn_disposition_t disposition)
PN_EXTERN void pn_disposition_set_failed ( pn_disposition_t disposition,
bool  failed 
PN_EXTERN void pn_disposition_set_section_number ( pn_disposition_t disposition,
uint32_t  section_number 
PN_EXTERN void pn_disposition_set_section_offset ( pn_disposition_t disposition,
uint64_t  section_offset 
PN_EXTERN void pn_disposition_set_undeliverable ( pn_disposition_t disposition,
bool  undeliverable 
PN_EXTERN uint64_t pn_disposition_type ( pn_disposition_t disposition)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_link_advance ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN int pn_link_available ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_close ( pn_link_t sender)
PN_EXTERN pn_condition_t* pn_link_condition ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN int pn_link_credit ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN pn_delivery_t* pn_link_current ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_drain ( pn_link_t receiver,
int  credit 
PN_EXTERN int pn_link_drained ( pn_link_t sender)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_link_draining ( pn_link_t receiver)
PN_EXTERN pn_error_t* pn_link_error ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_flow ( pn_link_t receiver,
int  credit 
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_free ( pn_link_t sender)
PN_EXTERN void* pn_link_get_context ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_link_get_drain ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN pn_link_t* pn_link_head ( pn_connection_t connection,
pn_state_t  state 

Retrieve the first Link that matches the given state mask.

Examines the state of each Link owned by the connection and returns the first Link that matches the given state mask. If state contains both local and remote flags, then an exact match against those flags is performed. If state contains only local or only remote flags, then a match occurs if any of the local or remote flags are set respectively.

[in]connectionto be searched for matching Links
[in]statemask to match
the first Link owned by the connection that matches the mask, else NULL if no Links match
PN_EXTERN bool pn_link_is_receiver ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_link_is_sender ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN const char* pn_link_name ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN pn_link_t* pn_link_next ( pn_link_t link,
pn_state_t  state 

Retrieve the next Link that matches the given state mask.

When used with pn_link_head(), the application can access all Links on the connection that match the given state. See pn_link_head() for description of match behavior.

[in]linkthe previous Link obtained from pn_link_head() or pn_link_next()
[in]statemask to match
the next session owned by the connection that matches the mask, else NULL if no sessions match
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_offered ( pn_link_t sender,
int  credit 
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_open ( pn_link_t sender)
PN_EXTERN int pn_link_queued ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN pn_rcv_settle_mode_t pn_link_rcv_settle_mode ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN ssize_t pn_link_recv ( pn_link_t receiver,
char *  bytes,
size_t  n 
PN_EXTERN pn_condition_t* pn_link_remote_condition ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN int pn_link_remote_credit ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN pn_rcv_settle_mode_t pn_link_remote_rcv_settle_mode ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN pn_snd_settle_mode_t pn_link_remote_snd_settle_mode ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN pn_terminus_t* pn_link_remote_source ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN pn_terminus_t* pn_link_remote_target ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN ssize_t pn_link_send ( pn_link_t sender,
const char *  bytes,
size_t  n 
PN_EXTERN pn_session_t* pn_link_session ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_set_context ( pn_link_t link,
void *  context 
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_set_drain ( pn_link_t receiver,
bool  drain 
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_set_rcv_settle_mode ( pn_link_t link,
PN_EXTERN void pn_link_set_snd_settle_mode ( pn_link_t link,
PN_EXTERN pn_snd_settle_mode_t pn_link_snd_settle_mode ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN pn_terminus_t* pn_link_source ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN pn_state_t pn_link_state ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN pn_terminus_t* pn_link_target ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN int pn_link_unsettled ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN pn_link_t* pn_receiver ( pn_session_t session,
const char *  name 
PN_EXTERN pn_link_t* pn_sender ( pn_session_t session,
const char *  name 
PN_EXTERN pn_session_t* pn_session ( pn_connection_t connection)

Factory for creating a new session on the connection.

A new session is created for the connection, and is added to the set of sessions maintained by the connection.

[in]connectionthe session will exist over this connection
pointer to new session
PN_EXTERN void pn_session_close ( pn_session_t session)
PN_EXTERN pn_condition_t* pn_session_condition ( pn_session_t session)
PN_EXTERN pn_connection_t* pn_session_connection ( pn_session_t session)
PN_EXTERN pn_error_t* pn_session_error ( pn_session_t session)
PN_EXTERN void pn_session_free ( pn_session_t session)
PN_EXTERN void* pn_session_get_context ( pn_session_t session)
PN_EXTERN size_t pn_session_get_incoming_capacity ( pn_session_t ssn)
PN_EXTERN pn_session_t* pn_session_head ( pn_connection_t connection,
pn_state_t  state 

Retrieve the first Session that matches the given state mask.

Examines the state of each session owned by the connection, and returns the first Session that matches the given state mask. If state contains both local and remote flags, then an exact match against those flags is performed. If state contains only local or only remote flags, then a match occurs if any of the local or remote flags are set respectively.

[in]connectionto be searched for matching sessions
[in]statemask to match
the first session owned by the connection that matches the mask, else NULL if no sessions match
PN_EXTERN size_t pn_session_incoming_bytes ( pn_session_t ssn)
PN_EXTERN pn_session_t* pn_session_next ( pn_session_t session,
pn_state_t  state 

Retrieve the next Session that matches the given state mask.

When used with pn_session_head(), application can access all Sessions on the connection that match the given state. See pn_session_head() for description of match behavior.

[in]sessionthe previous session obtained from pn_session_head() or pn_session_next()
[in]statemask to match.
the next session owned by the connection that matches the mask, else NULL if no sessions match
PN_EXTERN void pn_session_open ( pn_session_t session)
PN_EXTERN size_t pn_session_outgoing_bytes ( pn_session_t ssn)
PN_EXTERN pn_condition_t* pn_session_remote_condition ( pn_session_t session)
PN_EXTERN void pn_session_set_context ( pn_session_t session,
void *  context 
PN_EXTERN void pn_session_set_incoming_capacity ( pn_session_t ssn,
size_t  capacity 
PN_EXTERN pn_state_t pn_session_state ( pn_session_t session)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_t* pn_terminus_capabilities ( pn_terminus_t terminus)
PN_EXTERN int pn_terminus_copy ( pn_terminus_t terminus,
pn_terminus_t src 
PN_EXTERN pn_data_t* pn_terminus_filter ( pn_terminus_t terminus)
PN_EXTERN const char* pn_terminus_get_address ( pn_terminus_t terminus)
PN_EXTERN pn_distribution_mode_t pn_terminus_get_distribution_mode ( const pn_terminus_t terminus)
PN_EXTERN pn_durability_t pn_terminus_get_durability ( pn_terminus_t terminus)
PN_EXTERN pn_expiry_policy_t pn_terminus_get_expiry_policy ( pn_terminus_t terminus)
PN_EXTERN pn_seconds_t pn_terminus_get_timeout ( pn_terminus_t terminus)
PN_EXTERN pn_terminus_type_t pn_terminus_get_type ( pn_terminus_t terminus)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_terminus_is_dynamic ( pn_terminus_t terminus)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_t* pn_terminus_outcomes ( pn_terminus_t terminus)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_t* pn_terminus_properties ( pn_terminus_t terminus)
PN_EXTERN int pn_terminus_set_address ( pn_terminus_t terminus,
const char *  address 
PN_EXTERN int pn_terminus_set_distribution_mode ( pn_terminus_t terminus,
pn_distribution_mode_t  m 
PN_EXTERN int pn_terminus_set_durability ( pn_terminus_t terminus,
pn_durability_t  durability 
PN_EXTERN int pn_terminus_set_dynamic ( pn_terminus_t terminus,
bool  dynamic 
PN_EXTERN int pn_terminus_set_expiry_policy ( pn_terminus_t terminus,
pn_expiry_policy_t  policy 
PN_EXTERN int pn_terminus_set_timeout ( pn_terminus_t terminus,
PN_EXTERN int pn_terminus_set_type ( pn_terminus_t terminus,
pn_terminus_type_t  type 
PN_EXTERN pn_transport_t* pn_transport ( void  )

Factory for creating a transport.

A transport to be used by a connection to interface with the network. There can only be one connection associated with a transport. See pn_transport_bind().

pointer to new transport
PN_EXTERN int pn_transport_bind ( pn_transport_t transport,
pn_connection_t connection 

Binds the transport to an AMQP connection endpoint.

an error code, or 0 on success
PN_EXTERN ssize_t pn_transport_capacity ( pn_transport_t transport)

Report the amount of free space for input following the transport's tail pointer. If the engine is in an exceptional state such as encountering an error condition or reaching the end of stream state, a negative value will be returned indicating the condition. If an error is indicated, futher details can be obtained from pn_transport_error. Calls to pn_transport_process may alter the value of this pointer. See pn_transport_process for details.

[in]transportthe transport
the free space in the transport, PN_EOS or error code if < 0
PN_EXTERN int pn_transport_close_head ( pn_transport_t transport)

Indicate that the output has closed. This tells the transport that no more output will be popped.

[in]transportthe transport
0 on success, or error code if < 0
PN_EXTERN int pn_transport_close_tail ( pn_transport_t transport)

Indicate that the input has reached End Of Stream (EOS). This tells the transport that no more input will be forthcoming.

[in]transportthe transport
0 on success, or error code if < 0
PN_EXTERN pn_error_t* pn_transport_error ( pn_transport_t transport)
PN_EXTERN void pn_transport_free ( pn_transport_t transport)
PN_EXTERN void* pn_transport_get_context ( pn_transport_t transport)
PN_EXTERN uint64_t pn_transport_get_frames_input ( const pn_transport_t transport)
PN_EXTERN uint64_t pn_transport_get_frames_output ( const pn_transport_t transport)
PN_EXTERN pn_millis_t pn_transport_get_idle_timeout ( pn_transport_t transport)
PN_EXTERN uint32_t pn_transport_get_max_frame ( pn_transport_t transport)
PN_EXTERN pn_millis_t pn_transport_get_remote_idle_timeout ( pn_transport_t transport)
PN_EXTERN uint32_t pn_transport_get_remote_max_frame ( pn_transport_t transport)
PN_EXTERN pn_tracer_t* pn_transport_get_tracer ( pn_transport_t transport)
PN_EXTERN const char* pn_transport_head ( pn_transport_t transport)

Return the transport's head pointer. This pointer references queued output data. The pn_transport_pending function reports how many bytes of output data follow this pointer. Calls to pn_transport_pop may alter this pointer and any data it references. See pn_transport_pop for details.

[in]transportthe transport
a pointer to the transport's output buffer, or NULL if no pending output.
PN_EXTERN ssize_t pn_transport_input ( pn_transport_t transport,
const char *  bytes,
size_t  available 
PN_EXTERN void pn_transport_log ( pn_transport_t transport,
const char *  message 
PN_EXTERN void pn_transport_logf ( pn_transport_t transport,
const char *  fmt,
PN_EXTERN ssize_t pn_transport_output ( pn_transport_t transport,
char *  bytes,
size_t  size 
PN_EXTERN int pn_transport_peek ( pn_transport_t transport,
char *  dst,
size_t  size 

Copies ::size bytes from the head of the transport to the ::dst pointer. It is an error to call this with a value of ::size that is greater than the value reported by pn_transport_pending.

[in]transportthe transport
0 on success, or error code if < 0
PN_EXTERN ssize_t pn_transport_pending ( pn_transport_t transport)

Report the number of pending output bytes following the transport's head pointer. If the engine is in an exceptional state such as encountering an error condition or reaching the end of stream state, a negative value will be returned indicating the condition. If an error is indicated, further details can be obtained from pn_transport_error. Calls to pn_transport_pop may alter the value of this pointer. See pn_transport_pop for details.

the number of pending output bytes, or an error code
PN_EXTERN void pn_transport_pop ( pn_transport_t transport,
size_t  size 

Removes ::size bytes of output from the pending output queue following the transport's head pointer. Calls to this function may alter the transport's head pointer as well as the number of pending bytes reported by pn_transport_pending.

size]the number of bytes to remove
PN_EXTERN int pn_transport_process ( pn_transport_t transport,
size_t  size 

Process input data following the tail pointer. Calling this function will cause the transport to consume ::size bytes of input occupying the free space following the tail pointer. Calls to this function may change the value of pn_transport_tail, as well as the amount of free space reported by pn_transport_capacity.

[in]transportthe transport
size]the amount of data written to the transport's input buffer
0 on success, or error code if < 0
PN_EXTERN int pn_transport_push ( pn_transport_t transport,
const char *  src,
size_t  size 

Pushes the supplied bytes into the tail of the transport. This is equivalent to copying ::size bytes afther the tail pointer and then calling pn_transport_process with an argument of ::size. It is an error to call this with a size larger than the capacity reported by pn_transport_capacity.

[in]transportthe transport
0 on success, or error code if < 0
PN_EXTERN bool pn_transport_quiesced ( pn_transport_t transport)
PN_EXTERN void pn_transport_set_context ( pn_transport_t transport,
void *  context 
PN_EXTERN void pn_transport_set_idle_timeout ( pn_transport_t transport,
pn_millis_t  timeout 
PN_EXTERN void pn_transport_set_max_frame ( pn_transport_t transport,
uint32_t  size 
PN_EXTERN void pn_transport_set_tracer ( pn_transport_t transport,
pn_tracer_t tracer 
PN_EXTERN char* pn_transport_tail ( pn_transport_t transport)

Return the transport's tail pointer. The amount of free space following this pointer is reported by pn_transport_capacity. Calls to pn_transport_process may alther the value of this pointer. See pn_transport_process for details.

[in]transportthe transport
a pointer to the transport's input buffer, NULL if no capacity available.
PN_EXTERN pn_timestamp_t pn_transport_tick ( pn_transport_t transport,
pn_timestamp_t  now 

Process any pending transport timer events.

This method should be called after all pending input has been processed by the transport (see pn_transport_input), and before generating output (see pn_transport_output). It returns the deadline for the next pending timer event, if any are present.

[in]transportthe transport to process.
if non-zero, then the expiration time of the next pending timer event for the transport. The caller must invoke pn_transport_tick again at least once at or before this deadline occurs.
PN_EXTERN void pn_transport_trace ( pn_transport_t transport,
pn_trace_t  trace 
PN_EXTERN int pn_transport_unbind ( pn_transport_t transport)
PN_EXTERN pn_delivery_t* pn_unsettled_head ( pn_link_t link)
PN_EXTERN pn_delivery_t* pn_unsettled_next ( pn_delivery_t delivery)
PN_EXTERN pn_delivery_t* pn_work_head ( pn_connection_t connection)

Extracts the first delivery on the connection that has pending operations.

Retrieves the first delivery on the Connection that has pending operations. A readable delivery indicates message data is waiting to be read. A writable delivery indicates that message data may be sent. An updated delivery indicates that the delivery's disposition has changed. A delivery will never be both readable and writible, but it may be both readable and updated or both writiable and updated.

[in]connectionthe connection
the first delivery object that needs to be serviced, else NULL if none
PN_EXTERN pn_delivery_t* pn_work_next ( pn_delivery_t delivery)

Get the next delivery on the connection that needs has pending operations.

[in]deliverythe previous delivery retrieved from either pn_work_head() or pn_work_next()
the next delivery that has pending operations, else NULL if none