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Qpid Proton 0.6 Release Notes

Proton is a high-performance, lightweight messaging library. More about Qpid Proton.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • PROTON-273 - Fix disabled ruby test "can have nil content"
  • PROTON-287 - Fix Qpid Proton-C build with MinGW on Fedora
  • PROTON-290 - Allow querying of unsent messages by tracker
  • PROTON-343 - Add a pluggable Proton logging layer
  • PROTON-382 - Perl Message class should expose a Properties attribute
  • PROTON-383 - Perl Message class should expose an Annotations property.
  • PROTON-384 - Perl Message class should expose an Instructions property.
  • PROTON-385 - Perl Message class should expose an Body property.
  • PROTON-386 - Provide Perl client and server examples
  • PROTON-414 - Perl Messenger does not return a tracker on put
  • PROTON-415 - Perl Messenger does not return a tracker on get
  • PROTON-426 - [Messenger] messenger has no ability to dynamically create queues/topics on qpidd
  • PROTON-439 - Support for dynamic reply-to address in Messenger
  • PROTON-443 - update hawt-dispatch dependency version
  • PROTON-444 - Java Messenger needs internal store.
  • PROTON-450 - Rspec tests should NOT use the default port for listening
  • PROTON-457 - Expose the Messenger interrupt method in Perl
  • PROTON-458 - Perl should die on negative return values
  • PROTON-459 - Perl binding omits pn_messenger_route interface
  • PROTON-460 - Perl interface omits pn_messenger_rewrite()
  • PROTON-463 - Perl should provide incoming and outgoing trackers
  • PROTON-464 - Interpolate CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX into Ruby install directory.
  • PROTON-472 - Expose the Messenger route and pattern function in the Perl bindings
  • PROTON-476 - Support a user-context for SASL and SSL objects.
  • PROTON-479 - Expose Settled status in Ruby bindings.
  • PROTON-480 - Expose Settled status in Perl bindings.

Bugs fixed

  • PROTON-200 - Credit distribution by messenger is not balanced across all links
  • PROTON-278 - Messenger - allow the application to control the use of the message reply-to field.
  • PROTON-302 - Messenger does not verify the hostname in the peer's SSL certificate.
  • PROTON-323 - Regression: Messenger sends "null" in disposition state after accept
  • PROTON-401 - Ordering issue prevents credit drain from working properly
  • PROTON-412 - pkg-config has wrong configuration
  • PROTON-413 - [proton-c] Cmake install does not produce package files that work on windows
  • PROTON-417 - Remove/optionalize bouncycastle dependency
  • PROTON-418 - data error interface should match other error APIs (probably should review all error accessors)
  • PROTON-424 - Memory Leak in Proton Messenger Send / Recv
  • PROTON-425 - [Messenger] messenger can only browse qpidd's queues
  • PROTON-427 - settle does not match accept/reject for ruby
  • PROTON-428 - proton-hawtdispatch drops data when more than 512 bytes are read from the socket
  • PROTON-430 - cmake install package files created at wrong time and place
  • PROTON-431 - Ruby integration test have incorrect failure messages
  • PROTON-432 - seg fault when handling error
  • PROTON-433 - seg fault when handling error
  • PROTON-434 - seg fault when handling error
  • PROTON-435 - seg fault when handling error
  • PROTON-440 - MessengerImpl tests fail on OSX
  • PROTON-445 - Binding installation ignores prefix
  • PROTON-446 - [SSL] when certificate validation fails, the connection is not cleanly closed.
  • PROTON-449 - Unit tests fail if proton is built without OpenSSL.
  • PROTON-453 - OpenSSL libraries are not Valgrind clean
  • PROTON-454 - ruby binding omits pn_messenger_route interface
  • PROTON-455 - Ruby interface omits pn_messenger_rewrite()
  • PROTON-456 - Ruby binding does not implement password attr
  • PROTON-462 - Documentation: Add doxygen overview file for Proton C API
  • PROTON-466 - Driver - Optimization causes hangs in cleanly closed connections
  • PROTON-473 - Windows driver.c matching fixes
  • PROTON-474 - Incorrect mapping of TTL to JMSExpiration in JMS InboundTransformer
  • PROTON-475 - [python] Proton wrapper API's use of time values is inconsistent
  • PROTON-477 - [python] Proton wrapper API does not enforce SASL or SSL singleton pattern
  • PROTON-481 - [python] link name is not available
  • PROTON-482 - Ruby bindings install to vendorarchdir rather than vendorlibdir