C AMQP Protocol Engine API  0.7
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message.h File Reference
#include <proton/import_export.h>
#include <proton/types.h>
#include <proton/codec.h>
#include <proton/error.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <proton/type_compat.h>
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typedef struct pn_message_t pn_message_t


enum  pn_format_t { PN_DATA, PN_TEXT, PN_AMQP, PN_JSON }


PN_EXTERN pn_message_tpn_message (void)
PN_EXTERN void pn_message_free (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN void pn_message_clear (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_errno (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN pn_error_tpn_message_error (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_message_is_inferred (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_inferred (pn_message_t *msg, bool inferred)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_message_is_durable (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_durable (pn_message_t *msg, bool durable)
PN_EXTERN uint8_t pn_message_get_priority (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_priority (pn_message_t *msg, uint8_t priority)
PN_EXTERN pn_millis_t pn_message_get_ttl (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_ttl (pn_message_t *msg, pn_millis_t ttl)
PN_EXTERN bool pn_message_is_first_acquirer (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_first_acquirer (pn_message_t *msg, bool first)
PN_EXTERN uint32_t pn_message_get_delivery_count (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_delivery_count (pn_message_t *msg, uint32_t count)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_message_id (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN pn_atom_t pn_message_get_id (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_id (pn_message_t *msg, pn_atom_t id)
PN_EXTERN pn_bytes_t pn_message_get_user_id (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_user_id (pn_message_t *msg, pn_bytes_t user_id)
PN_EXTERN const char * pn_message_get_address (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_address (pn_message_t *msg, const char *address)
PN_EXTERN const char * pn_message_get_subject (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_subject (pn_message_t *msg, const char *subject)
PN_EXTERN const char * pn_message_get_reply_to (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_reply_to (pn_message_t *msg, const char *reply_to)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_message_correlation_id (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN pn_atom_t pn_message_get_correlation_id (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_correlation_id (pn_message_t *msg, pn_atom_t id)
PN_EXTERN const char * pn_message_get_content_type (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_content_type (pn_message_t *msg, const char *type)
PN_EXTERN const char * pn_message_get_content_encoding (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_content_encoding (pn_message_t *msg, const char *encoding)
PN_EXTERN pn_timestamp_t pn_message_get_expiry_time (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_expiry_time (pn_message_t *msg, pn_timestamp_t time)
PN_EXTERN pn_timestamp_t pn_message_get_creation_time (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_creation_time (pn_message_t *msg, pn_timestamp_t time)
PN_EXTERN const char * pn_message_get_group_id (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_group_id (pn_message_t *msg, const char *group_id)
PN_EXTERN pn_sequence_t pn_message_get_group_sequence (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_group_sequence (pn_message_t *msg, pn_sequence_t n)
PN_EXTERN const char * pn_message_get_reply_to_group_id (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_reply_to_group_id (pn_message_t *msg, const char *reply_to_group_id)
PN_EXTERN pn_format_t pn_message_get_format (pn_message_t *message)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_set_format (pn_message_t *message, pn_format_t format)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_load (pn_message_t *message, const char *data, size_t size)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_load_data (pn_message_t *message, const char *data, size_t size)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_load_text (pn_message_t *message, const char *data, size_t size)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_load_amqp (pn_message_t *message, const char *data, size_t size)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_load_json (pn_message_t *message, const char *data, size_t size)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_save (pn_message_t *message, char *data, size_t *size)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_save_data (pn_message_t *message, char *data, size_t *size)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_save_text (pn_message_t *message, char *data, size_t *size)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_save_amqp (pn_message_t *message, char *data, size_t *size)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_save_json (pn_message_t *message, char *data, size_t *size)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_message_instructions (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_message_annotations (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_message_properties (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN pn_data_tpn_message_body (pn_message_t *msg)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_decode (pn_message_t *msg, const char *bytes, size_t size)
PN_EXTERN int pn_message_encode (pn_message_t *msg, char *bytes, size_t *size)
PN_EXTERN ssize_t pn_message_data (char *dst, size_t available, const char *src, size_t size)

Detailed Description

Message API for encoding/decoding AMQP Messages.